5 Gorgeous Indoor Vines To Grow In Your Home

Indoor plants have been all the rage! A part of me thinks it’s because humanity longs to be in nature but so much of life keeps us indoors or in front of a screen. Indoor plants give us the outdoor feel we all love. As a mom, my exposure to nature isn’t as much as I’d like. I see my backyard often, but it’s not as beautiful as I’d like! “Greenery” has been dubbed the 2017 color of the year — for good reason! I’ve jumped on the bandwagon, and in case you want to too, here is a list of the best and easiest indoor vines to grow in your home!

indoor vines

Source: gardenista.com

1. Creeping Fig

Vines that grow on the outside of the home are often met with frustration and, well…hedge clippers. But don’t be afraid to invite the creeping fig onto the walls of your home! What a beautiful backdrop of green. It’s as if you have your own inner green house!

Check out Gardenista.com for all your plant and garden inspiration!

indoor vines

Source: PureWow.com

2. Ivy

This plant doesn’t need much light and also stays green in the cooler months — when you need indoor greenery the most! Replace banners or gardens with swoops of indoor ivy!

Check out PureWow.com for lifestyle tips that include food, decor, fashion and beauty — all things trendy!

indoor vines

Source: plantandpot.nz

3. Pothos

I love the look of the pothos plants. Pathos is easy to grow and a hardy vine. It does need damp soil to flourish. One must-know is that this plant is poisonous, so it will need to be kept up high in an area that a child or pet cannot grab!

Check out Plantandpot.nz for beautiful plant photos and tips and tricks for successfully growing all kinds of potted plants!

indoor vinesSource: katrinaleechambers.com

4. Hoya

The Hoya is a low-maintenance plant. The leaves offer fragrant clusters that continue to grow. Click here for a guide on how to take care of Hoya plants.

Check out katrinaleechambers.com for tips on life and design!

indoor vines

Source: bevcooks.com

5. String of Pearls

The texture and style of this plant is so unique! I love the way it’s cascading leaves mimic pearls! Are you terrible at remembering to water your plants? The String of Pearls is the right fit for you! Buzzle provides a great guide for growing this type of plant here.

Check out bevcooks.com for all things family, food, and DIY!

What are your favorite indoor vines? Tell us in the comments!

indoor vines

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