5 Mini Renovations You Can Plan (Or Do!) Yourself

“Home renovation” usually brings to mind an arduous process involving thousands of dollars’ worth of construction, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. You might be surprised at how easy it can be to give your house a makeover with a bit of planning and the right expertise. There are a few small renovations you can plot and carry out yourself that’ll make your house worthy of any A&E Channel special you can think of, and we’ve picked 5 of the best of them just for you at Rare Norm!

Light Up Your Life

LED lights are a fantastic way to bring strong, long-lasting lighting into your house while seriously cutting down on your energy bills. And with LEDs becoming more popular as time goes on, there are an increasing number of bulb and fixture styles to work with any home aesthetic. A filament antique LED bulb is a great choice for taking advantage of the modernity of LED lights while also retaining a cozy atmosphere for any living room or bedroom.

 The Whole Shooting Match

The outside of your house is the first thing guests (or even potential buyers) are going to notice, so making a positive first impression with your home’s exterior is crucial. Investing in some affordable outdoor remodeling won’t just give you a nicer driveway or a more even backyard surface for your evening cocktail parties; it’ll likely raise the value of your house as well. This is one area where spending a little in the short term can end up paying off big in the long run.

Indoor Style in Outdoor Spaces

Any house can benefit from the aesthetics of a well-done tiling job, and a deck or jacuzzi can benefit from some smart tiling practices as much as the bathroom or kitchen can. You don’t need a lot of heavy equipment to do some tiling yourself: often it’s as simple as having a lot of tile glue and a little bit of patience. It’s easier than you think to get all the tools and resources you need to make a DIY tiling project that’s as simple to accomplish as it will be beautiful to look at when it’s finished. That said, when it comes to outdoor remodeling, sometimes you need…

Get Your Mind Into the Gutter

Having clean gutters is important not only for having the outside of your house look nice, but for making sure the drainage is working safely as well. Much of the time this can be done with as little as a rake and a stepladder. Cleaning your gutters of leaves and other detritus is generally a pretty simple process, but if you don’t feel like hoisting yourself up to the roof there are cleaning services that provide gutter maintenance, too.

 Secure Your Pool

Pool safety is an undervalued but incredibly important part of any home that has an outdoor swimming area; many pool safety supplies don’t just make your yard safer, they improve the aesthetics of your pool by protecting it from the elements too. A startlingly high percentage of household injuries and even deaths take place in or near the pool, so taking poolside safety seriously is no laughing matter. AquaSafe Unlimited Las Vegas sells and installs pool covers that are a great way to make sure that no one takes an unexpected dip, and that leaves and rainwater stays out as well.

Make Your Voice Heard

Are there any other little ways you’ve managed to give your house a mini-makeover that you’d like to share with us and our readers? Leave us a comment below and tell us the best ways you’ve found to shape up your home with ease! If you need help with easy ways to add a little magic to particular parts of the house, check out our guides to designing your kitchen and bringing some life to your home’s entryway.  And remember to keep up with our blog at Rare Norm for all the best tips to make motherhood as simple and fun as it can be.

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