5 Proper Lighting Techniques To Magically Illuminate Your Living Space

Sometimes, even the most beautifully decorated space won’t be fully appreciated if the lighting isn’t properly placed and installed. Having light fixtures in the wrong places can seriously diminish the stylishness of one’s space. Making sure your space has the right amount of light can also benefit your mood. Therefore, it’s essential to get the lighting and light fixtures right. Follow these five proper lighting techniques that will help you set up your lighting in the best way possible.

Here’s our five expert lighting techniques to help you magically illuminate your living space…

proper lighting techniques

1. Choosing appropriate lighting can make all the difference

Choosing the perfect lights isn’t always easy, which is why it’s essential to pay attention to the different types. If you don’t know where to start, then start with your own preferences: What kind of light do you like? Knowing this can greatly help you choose the right light fixtures for your space.

For example, if you dislike overly lit spaces, then opting for a few smaller lamps that emit soft yellow light can be a much better choice. You are in no way obligated to blindly follow trends. Instead, make sure to take your time and choose the appropriate lighting that will provide the desired effect for your space. That way you’ll feel much better and happier, which should be your most important goal.

proper lighting techniques

2. Functionality should always be a top priority

Architectural design isn’t something everyone automatically knows, which is why it helps to learn a bit about it before you decide to make any changes to your space. Still, if you’re unsure what to do, then a good rule of thumb is to focus on functionality rather than aesthetics.

Lights should be there to serve a purpose, and in that case, task-oriented lighting would be a much more appropriate choice. Even though opting for all-encompassing space lighting can seem like a logical choice, you should make a comparison first. That way you can be sure that you’re making the right choice.

proper lighting techniques

3. Go green: Use eco-friendly light bulbs

Not all spaces require the same type of lighting, which makes sense, considering that public spaces such as parking lots, offices and parks need lights that are well-incorporated and durable.

For instance, according to professionals in LED lighting, opting for these types of light bulbs can be of huge help, since they are more eco-friendly and long-lasting. Using them can be a wonderful way to reduce energy costs and actual costs so you save money as well—and improve the environment along the way. Intended use should be one of the main criteria for choosing the lighting fixtures for any space.

proper lighting techniques

4. Don’t forget the role of natural light

Natural light can be of huge significance, especially in gathering spaces that rely on it the most, like living rooms. Hence, it’s crucial to take advantage of large windows or install bigger windows if you have the space in your house and room in your budget. And make the most of those windows by adding breezy and sheer curtains so they won’t block the access to natural light.

Additionally, opting for neutral wall paint can be beneficial when it comes to bringing in more light. So, if you’re struggling with keeping your space well-lit throughout the day, then feel free to add light-colored furniture, and focus on tones such as harbor gray, beige, and white. These colors are the most effective and elegant if you’re looking to make your space more receptive to natural light.

proper lighting techniques

5. Choosing the right types of lights for different uses

There are different types of lighting, and they’re all created with specific goals in mind: For example, task lighting is used for accentuating certain tasks, such as writing, while accent lighting is used for showcasing certain decor pieces. There’s also general lighting, which is used to bring overall lighting to one’s space. All three types of lights can be used separately or in combination with one another. The way you use them should solely depend on your needs.


These rules will be of great use to those who are looking to use lighting to improve their home interior design. Making sure to settle on the intended use of space will be truly helpful when choosing the light fixtures. And taking equal care of both functionality and aesthetic appeal is a sure way to have a well-lit and stylish-looking space.

proper lighting techniques

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