5 Ways To Make Your Kitchen Warm And Welcoming

Everything happens in the kitchen. Life happens in the kitchen.

– Andrew Zimmern, a culinary expert

It’s a cold, rainy day, and you’ve just come home from a long, excruciating day at work. The best way to lift your spirits and warm your soul is to make a hearty soup in your cozy kitchen.

For many of us, the kitchen is a cozy place where we relax, cook some delicious food, and chat with the people we love. That’s why it’s important for this space to reflect and radiate warmth and comfort.

Here’s how to truly make the kitchen the heart of your home.

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1. Add an island

Kitchen islands have several benefits, as they allow you to expand your food prep space, provide extra storage, and can serve as a buffet counter for appetizers and refreshments.

Even if your kitchen is tiny and the floor plan doesn’t allow for a permanent island, you can still install an isle that can be rolled or stored away when not in use.

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2. Pick the right color

As you probably know, colors can influence our mood. They have the power to make us feel happy, hungry, or relaxed, which is why you should carefully consider the color palette for your kitchen.

For example, warm colors such as yellow, orange, and red can evoke feelings of happiness and warmth. Yellow, in particular, is known for its ability to lighten up a room and bring sunshine into it, as well as to calm people and make them peckish at the same time.

But other colors, including mint green, grey, and lighter shades of blue can transform your kitchen into a comfy place for hanging out and spending time while you’re whipping up something yummy.

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3. Knock on Wood

Nothing says warmth and coziness like wood floors and cabinets in your kitchen.

However, this can be pricey, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a couple of wooden details to enrich your kitchen space and make it more inviting.

You can try several reclaimed wood projects, an obvious choice being simple wooden shelves that give a rustic feel to your kitchen. Similarly, cutting boards are best when they’re made out of wood – plastic is a material that you should definitely avoid because it’s not particularly visually appealing, let alone eco-friendly.

Some people avoid wood cutting boards, believing that they’re not sanitary enough. But that’s just a misconception which can’t be further from the truth. Wooden cutting boards are even safer because the bacteria sink down beneath the surface, where they don’t multiply. In short, these practical and decorative kitchen accessories will remain germ-free if properly seasoned and taken care of.

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4. Let there be light

Lighting plays an important role in making your kitchen comfortable and cozy. You’ll certainly want to make sure that you have enough light when you’re preparing meals, as well as that you can dim it when you want a more relaxed, perhaps even romantic ambiance.

Something as simple as candles can also go a long way. They can add a hint of calming light to your kitchen, as well as a homey scent that will make your entire space even snugger. You can use the ones with a whiff of vanilla, cookies, or cinnamon to spice up your winter nights or remove that lingering smell of cooking that’s not so pleasant the day after. 

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5. Add a touch of green

A couple of low-maintenance plants in your kitchen can help purify the air and serve as natural, sustainable décor. Along with decorative leafy greenery, you can also add herb plants, such as basil, chives, oregano, parsley, and rosemary. All of them will come in handy when you’re cooking, while simultaneously giving the kitchen space a wholesome, organic feel.

For example, aloe vera is an extremely resistant plant, which means that it can survive in your kitchen. But besides being beautiful to look at, this plant is useful – the gel found in its interior has cooling effects which makes it good for burns. English ivy can hang near the window or over your sink, and it’s great for reducing indoor pollutants, including benzene, mold, and bacteria.

No matter whether you’re a full-fledged Julia Childs or a person whose greatest culinary achievement is heating up a TV dinner in a microwave, you’ll enjoy spending your time in the kitchen if it’s warm and welcoming. These simple tips can point you in the right direction and help you re-decorate your kitchen without spending too much.

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