6 Christmas Party Games The Whole Family Will Enjoy

Before the fun begins on Christmas morning, get in the holiday spirit with some family Christmas games! Whether you’re hosting a small pre-Christmas bash at your house with friends, or just celebrating with your hubby and kids, these fun-filled activities will have everyone “laughing all the way!”

source: A Girl & A Glue Gun

1. Pin The Nose On Rudolph

If you’ve ever played “pin the tail on the donkey,” you’re familiar with the concept of the game. This seasonal version is adorable and fun! You can get really creative with the set up, and use many items you already have around the house to play with.

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source: Toddler Approved

2. Candy Cane Hunt

We do Easter egg hunts on Easter, and go hunting for candy on Halloween. At Christmastime, it’s all about finding candy canes. You can simply hide them around your house and have your kids find them, or turn it into a learning opportunity by having them count all the ones they collect.

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source: Sweet And Simple Things

3. Christmas Memory Game

Ever been to a baby or bridal shower and played the “how many things can you remember from the tray” game? The idea is really simple. You put a bunch of seasonal/theme items on a tray, pass it around for people to memorize, and then take the tray away. Ask everyone to write down all the items they can remember and whoever gets the most correct wins!

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source: Mum In The Madhouse

4. Trim The Tree

Kids love playing dress up, and that’s why this game is so much fun! You split into two teams, and have each team choose a member to be the “human tree.” Pull out green party streamers, gift bows and other “trimmings,” and have each team dress up their volunteer. Whoever gets the tree decorated first wins.

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source: Chelsea Patricia Photography

5. Photo Booth

Using a photo booth isn’t technically a game, but you can kind of turn it into one. You don’t need to rent a professional booth. Just set up a DIY version in your living room and capture the fun on camera. Use seasonal props and get as silly as you want. Guests at a Christmas party would totally get a kick out of this idea!

Take a look at the hilarious family Christmas photo booth shots from Chelsea Patricia Photography.

source: One Artsy Mama

6. Make Ugly Christmas Sweaters

This idea is especially good if you’re planning to attend an ugly Christmas sweater party. Get the family together with a bunch of plain sweaters, break out the craft supplies, and have fun decorating your very own ugly sweaters. This is a great family bonding activity that will provide plenty of laughter and memories to last a lifetime.

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6 Christmas Party Games The Whole Family Will Enjoy

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