6 Creative Ways To Dye Easter Eggs

Dying Easter eggs is a right of passage, even though it’s usually a messy affair. There’s nothing like whipping out the PAAS egg dying kit with it’s practically useless wire egg holder and watching those little dye tablets fizz away. But what if you’re looking for something new? There are plenty of creative ways to dye Easter eggs and we’ve rounded up some of the easiest and hopefully, least messy methods.

dye easter eggs

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1. Tissue Paper

This spill free egg dying project is perfect for little kids. For starters, you’ll need bleeding tissue paper (not the regular kind) and a few squirt bottles. Once your hard boiled eggs are ready to go, this project is as simple as layering small pieces of tissue paper on the wet eggs and then spritzing a little water to make sure the paper is wet. Allow to dry and then remove the paper for some seriously gorgeous eggs.

Check out the video tutorial at ItsAlwaysAutumn.com.

dye easter eggs

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2. Rice

Using rice to help dye eggs is a great way to make fun eggs with little mess. Rice is dyed with food coloring, and then eggs are added to the mixture and rolled around in order to coat. Did we mention the rice is contained in a sandwich bag or cup? No mess!

Head to Instructables.com to see three methods of using rice to dye your eggs to decide which is the best for you!

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3. Tie Dye with Paper Towels

This method is not for clean freaks. Grab some gloves, food coloring and paper towels because it’s about to get messy- in a good way. While the end result of these fun tie dyed eggs is gorgeous, it doesn’t come without some patience! Once you’ve followed the method described by OneLittleProject.com, you’ll need to let these eggs dry anywhere from a few hours to overnight before removing the paper towels and seeing how great they look! This is definitely a project for older kids or crafty moms.

dye easter eggs

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4. Shaving Cream

A muffin tin, shaving cream and some food coloring minimizes the mess in this egg dying method. Simply spray foam shaving cream into each muffin tin compartment and then add the food coloring to your liking. Roll eggs, and allow to sit with the cream on them for 10 minutes. Rinse and marvel!

See all the details and more Good Stuff at Coupons.com.

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5. Cool Whip

Break out the edible food dye because Cool Whip is here! This egg dying practice is as simple as layer out some tasty Cool Whip in a dish, dropping in some bright food colors and gently swirling around. Then rolling your eggs and voila! Beautiful eggs and some tasty coloring to boot.

Check out CraftyMorning.com for all the tips!

6 Creative Ways To Dye Easter Eggs

Source: FabulesslyFrugal.com

6. Kool Aid

Kool Aid and water is all it takes to get super vibrantly colored eggs- and it’s so cheap too! Not only that, your kitchen will probably smell a lot better than it does when you use Vinegar-based egg dyes. While I’ve never tried this myself, I did read that the fruity flavors do NOT change the taste of your eggs. But if it did, would that really be so bad?

Check out more details at FabulesslyFrugal.com.


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dye easter eggs


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