6 Fantastic Super Bowl Party DIY Decor Ideas

Tooooouchdown!! Are you ready for some football? Even if you don’t actually follow the sport, or have a favorite NFL team, a Super Bowl party is sure to be a good time! (Just root for whichever team your friends are rooting for, or the one with the best team colors.) When it comes to your Super Bowl party decor, it’s easy to choose a color scheme. Just stick to brown, green and black, which symbolize the football, the field and the play board. You can throw some red and white in for good measure too, just to mix things up. As for the actual decor, here are a few fun ways to get creative and go the DIY route for your celebration.

source: Etsy via Mason Jar Crafts Love

1. Utensil Jars

If you’re going to have food at your Super Bowl party, you’ll need somewhere to put the utensils. These mason jars are super cute, fun and creative! You’ll need paint, sandpaper, washi tape and craft pens to make these, and you’ll need to let everything dry overnight. I love the way these multiple designs look together!

Head over to Mason Jar Crafts Love for the full supply list and tutorial.

source: A Night Owl Blog

2. Football Field Tabletop

Not only will you protect your table from spills and damage with this piece of decor, it will look amazing. Err…SUPER! Using green felt and white duct tape, you can make a fun football field tabletop to display all your food & drinks on.

Check out the “how-to” over on A Night Owl Blog.

source: Positively Splendid

3. Jersey Beverage Koozies

This project takes a bit of work, but the results are totally cute! For kids who want to participate in the festivities but know they can’t drink adult beverages, these would be a really fun way for them to feel included. You could do numbers on the koozies, or even your children’s initials.

Take a look at Positively Splendid for the full list of materials and instructions.

source: My Cup Runneth Over

4. Turf Coasters

These are totally great for a Super Bowl shindig, and you could even reuse them for a Masters golf viewing party. (If you can stand to watch golf that long without dying of boredom.) Grab some mason jar lids, cork mats and turf and just follow a few simple steps. This small addition of green texture will bring a punch of fun to your party and your coffee table!

Pop on over to My Cup Runneth Over to learn how to make these.

source: Studio DIY

5. Commercial Rating Signs

It’s not a Super Bowl party without a discussion of the infamous commercials that get played during the game. But instead of just saying “yes” or “no” to whether or not you like each one, hold up a little rating sign! These are a great way to add laughter to your celebration, and you can take some photos of yourself holding them to share on your social media pages.

Studio DIY has the link to the printables, as well as the instructions for making these.

source: Mom Endeavors

6. Drink Tub

Instead of just putting your drinks in a metal tub for your Super Bowl party, jazz it up with some brown fabric! That’s really all you need. White duct tape can be used to add the football stripes. This is an easy peasy craft! Your beer and water bottles (for the kids) will definitely look rockin’ sitting in this bucket.

You’ll find all the information on making this at Mom Endeavors.

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