6 Fun DIY Tassel Projects

If you’re jonesing for a new craft project, we’ve got you covered mama. This week on Pinterest we’ve been seeing tons of fun DIY tassel projects and we want in on the action. Whether you’re looking for ways to spice up your party decor, add some pizazz to your home, or just make something fun–– there’s a tassel project for you!

diy tassel projects

Source: AmidstTheChaos.ca

1. Balloon Tassels

Dress up your party by tacking on some DIY balloon tassels to make them stand out. Snag some tissue paper and get snipping- it’s all it takes to add some texture and dimension to your regular party balloons. It’s just that little bit of extra every party needs.

You can find the complete tutorial on making balloon tassels at AmidstTheChaos.ca.

diy tassel projects

Source: Cuckoo4Design.com

2. Giant Tassel

Sometimes you just need a huge statement piece to complete the design on a room, and that’s definitely the case with this giant tassel. Made from a mop head and twine, you’d never know most of the supplies were purchased from a dollar store. You can make your massive tassel as simple or detailed as you want!

Head to Cuckoo4Design.com to see all the details on making you own.

diy tassel projects

Source: LifeOnWaller.com

3. Tassel Paperclip Bookmark

Who wants a boring bookmark, when you can whip up one of these cute and tiny tassel paperclip bookmarks!? Pick up some cute paperclips and embroidery thread to get this project going. In just a few minutes you’ll be clipping paper in style!

Check out tons of fun beauty, style and DIY tips at LifeOnWaller.com.

diy tassel projects

Source: HonestlyWTF.com

4. DIY Tassel Sandals

Well hello, fancy tassel sandals! While we sure do love a good tassel, who knows how long the trend will be around? Forget spending tons of money on a trendy sandal, and make your own DIY tassel that easily slips on and off, and in whatever color you want. You can easily purchase suede material that will hold up under wear and tear, and more importantly reflect your own style.

Check out where to buy suede squares and how to make your own suede tassels at HonestlyWTF.com.

diy tassel projects

Source: MakingHomeBase.com

5. Wood Bead Garland with Tassel

Just because you love tassels doesn’t mean they have to be the focus of your design! This wood bead garland is the perfect mixture of simplicity and style, pairing the natural wood elements with the warm feel of a handmade tassel. Drape over some home decor or hang from a mantle- any style is good style!

Check out how easy is is to make this adorable garland at MakingHomeBase.com.

diy tassel projects

Source: MakingHomeBase.com

6. Tassel Keychain

Spice up your set of keys or add color to your bag when you make your own tassel keychain. Personalize with the color thread of your choice and top with artistic beading for a creative look. These would also make wonderful gifts of gift toppers!

Tassel keychains are surprisingly easy and you can see how over at MakingHomeBase.com.



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6 Fun DIY Tassel Projects

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