6 Living Room Ideas (And 6 Mistakes To Avoid)

The living room stands at the center of every home’s design. However, owners of small apartments falsely believe that their options are limited when it comes to interior décor. In reality, it doesn’t matter how big your living room is. A stately mansion or a small studio can be redesigned using these same six ideas.

A Room full of Light

Even if your living room is small in size, you can still make the room feel bigger. During the day, this is best achieved by “boosting” the light coming in through the windows. If you have small window panes, then you can amplify the light by installing large mirrors. Place them opposite of the windows so they’ll dissipate the light throughout the living room. Once every corner of the room is well-lit, every piece of furniture and ornamentation you put in next will be accentuated.

Cushioning The Design

Some people think their old sofas have no place in the living room and its new design. Instead of throwing it away, donating it to charity or having it upholstered, why not add a whole bunch of cushions to refresh its look! Cushions and pillows are small details, but they can transform the look of your living room. The trick is to make sure their design is different than the texture and fabric of the sofa. The contrast you create will liven up the atmosphere of the whole place. In general, mixing and matching should be applied whenever and wherever possible.

The Age-Old Issue Of Storage

Most people use the basement and bedrooms for storage, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t need to house an item or two in the living room as well. Instead of cumbersome wardrobes and cupboards, you can go with stylish wicker baskets. Choose the ones that are brightly colored, like white or yellow, to make them stand out but still conceal their content. The best thing about large wicker baskets? You can throw whatever you like in them from several meters away like Kevin Durant.

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Tending To The Windows

We mentioned the importance of enough light, but a mirror on the wall cannot solve the issue of intense sunlight. It is useful to have some sort of protection during the summer months, unless you want the whole design of the room to fade away—quite literally. Window awnings like the ones Oztech make will ensure that all the furniture and fixtures inside the living room preserve their original color. This means that you will need to replace them less often, resulting in a huge save in your home budget in the long run. Furthermore, your windows will enjoy protection against hail storms and heavy snowfall.

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Going Green

In nature, a barren landscape is never a pretty sight. A tree here and there makes a huge difference and it’s the same with the living room. Don’t create a garden, but add a few potted plants that are easy to take care of. They will liven up the space and add a personal note to it. Visitors will know that you’re a conscientious homeowner if your plants are verdant. If you hate walking around the room to water all the pots, then create a green corner where you’ll keep a lemon or an orange tree. Not only will you benefit from greenery in terms of décor, but the air in your room will be cleaner because of the oxygen the plants pump in.

The Backdrop

Although there aren’t going to be too many wardrobes in the living room, you are likely to have more than one bookcase. They are more than welcome in terms of design, but the biggest mistake homeowners make is not to cover their back. Even if they are full of books, once you draw out one book, the ugly unpainted back becomes visible. Buy a can of wood paint and paint the back of the bookcase. In fact, think of all the back surfaces there are in this particular room and add a splash of color to them. The worst mistake you can make in terms of design is to leave the unpainted surface in plain sight.

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The 6 ideas we have listed here are a good place to start redesigning your living room if you’re not a pro. The trick is to attend to all the details. Separately, they seem insignificant, but if you add a houseplant, paint the back of the bookcase and install window awnings, the overall décor of the living room will change. 

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