6 Olympic-Themed Games For Kids

The Summer Olympics are around the corner and what better way to try some fresh activities than now? If you have young children, this may very well be the first time they’ve been alive for an Olympic Games! If they are a little older, perhaps this is the first year they can really understand what the Games are. In either case, it’s time to break out some new activities, centered on the Olympics. Here are a handful of fun ways to get outside and celebrate the spirit of the Olympics!


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1. Javelin Throw

This version of the Javelin throw is much safer than using a real javelin, especially with young kids who have terrible aim! You’ll be creating this game with a bunch of pool noodles, and assembling them to form the iconic Olympic Ring image. Not only does this game look festive, but it will serve as the goal in your javelin throw activity. I can see the kids standing outside playing this game all afternoon!

To get the instructions on setting up your own Javelin Throw, head over to HoosierHomemade.com. You’ll also find 4 more Olympic activities to create!


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2. Olympic Ring Toss

This fun game couldn’t get any easier to create and will keep the kiddos entertained. Use an old 2-liter soda bottle and fill with different solids and liquid (sand, oil, water, etc.), then simply have the kids use pool diving rings (Target has these exact ones right now for summer) to toss. You can make it as easy or challenging as you want, by setting up lines the kids must stand behind when tossing. While Ring Toss isn’t an officially sanctioned Olympic game, your kids will feel like they’ve won the gold medal if they can make a ring over the bottle!

You’ll find tons of great ways to instill learning at home over at ICanTeachMyChild.com, including more Olympic activities and crafts.

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3. Archery

This has to be one of the most genius yet simple activities I’ve ever seen! Forget trying to teach your kids the art of the bow and arrow, and just draw some bullseyes with some sidewalk chalk. Set out some water bottles or squirt guns and let the kids at it! This game will keep them entertained AND cool in the hot summer sun.

Check out FamilySponge.com for 4 more super creative Olympic games for your backyard.

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4. Balance Beam

You probably have the supplies to fashion some sort of balance beam in your garage already, so what are you waiting for? Set up a simple beam on two pieces of brick or other wood, and have young children walk careful across. Extra points for tricks and style!

U-CreateCrafts.com has 4 more simple ideas for Olympic-themed activities for young children, so head on over!


Source:  ASmallSnippet.com

5. Hurdles

I cannot stand how simple yet amazing this Hurdles activity is, and it makes me so glad I live near the beach! If you find yourself not so close, I’d imagine you could cut hula hoops and still stab them into some grass to get the same effect. Either way, set up this Hurdles course and challenge the kids to get hopping!

We found this great idea over at ASmallSnippet.com, where you will also find an awesome Olympic-themed party ideas!


Source: Parents.com

6. Medal Ceremony

Make the final moments of your Olympic Games an activity too! You can create your own medals (we have a great how-to here), play some patriotic music and really send the kids home with a bang. U.S.A!

Check out Parents.com for 5 more ideas on planning a great Olympic-themed party.

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