7 Amazing DIY Outlet Plate Designs

It’s the little things in life that often bring the most joy. It’s also the little things that can make a big difference in sprucing up an otherwise boring room in your home. You don’t always have to make a grand gesture to make a bold statement. By taking a small element of your room, like an outlet plate, and giving it a fresh new look, you can change the look of the entire space!

Here are a few DIY outlet plate projects you can try to add a touch of color or fun to anywhere you want in your home.

source: Moonfrye

1. Wonderful Washi Tape

Using just a few supplies, you can add a punch of color to your outlet plate, and this project is good for the kids to do too (with adult supervision)! It’s fast, easy and fun. All you need are:

  • plain white outlet covers
  • washi tape
  • exacto knife

Head over to Moonfrye for the full tutorial, which is 4 simple steps.

source: Rock Paper Feather

2. Sensational Spray Paint

Create a funky design on your outlet plates with art tape, and spray paint them in a stylish color. Actually, you’ll want to choose two colors to really give them a bold look. You can get very creative with this project, and there’s no doubt the kids would love to assist with the spray painting portion!

Check out the “how to” over at Rock Paper Feather.

source: The REAL Housewives of Riverton

3. Magnificent Mod Podge

As someone who enjoys scrapbooking, I’ve got a surplus of supplies. I love being able to make use of it all, so that it doesn’t just sit around collecting dust. This DIY project uses scrapbook paper and mod podge to create a chic looking outlet plate. Grab that stash of scrapbook paper and decorate an outlet plate with one of the prettiest sheets!

You can find the step-by-step instructions for this project at The REAL Housewives of Riverton.

source: Raising Superheros

4. Comic Book Cool

For a boy’s superhero themed room, I love his idea! Using comic book pages and mod podge, this mom made a superhero design for the outlet plates in her little boy’s room. They correspond with the rest of the decor, most of which was also done DIY style.

Take a look at the photos of the rest of the room at Raising Superheros.

source: Gina Michele

5. Nifty Nail Polish

How many bottles of nail polish do you have that still have most of the polish in them? Put them to good use by giving your outlet plates a marble effect design. This look is so unique and fun!

You’ll find the tutorial, along with helpful photos over at Gina Michele.

source: Sarah Hearts

6. Go For The Gold

Want to add some shine to a room in your home? Try using gold leaf on an outlet plate. Cover the whole thing, or just half of it. Either way, your room will dazzle. Metallics are all the rage right now, so it’s the perfect time to deck out your home in gold or silver.

Get tips on using gold leaf for this project from Sarah Hearts.

source: The Plumed Nest

7. Pretty Paper

Here is another example of an outlet plate project that uses scrapbook paper and mod podge. With just a few materials needed, there’s no excuse for leaving those outlet plates plain white! You could easily do this while the kids are napping or at school. Or, let them help you and make a bonding experience out of it.

Head over to The Plumed Nest for more DIY tips and project photos.

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