7 Awesome Nursery Closets

I.Love.Organizing. And every once in a while I get my fix by just oogling at other people’s organized genius- especially when it comes to closets. There’s something about gazing upon a perfectly organized closet that makes me feel good and motivated to organize my own. And a baby’s wardrobe in a closet? EYE CANDY! Check out some of these magnificently organized closets, you won’t be disappointed.


Source: PolishedHabitat.com

1. Closet/Library Combo

Even though babies are small, they sure do need a lot of accessories! This closet handles ALL you needs, from toys, to books and shoes. If you don’t have a lot of space, it’s important to use all the surface areas you can. This designer even used the backside of the closet doors to add spice racks that would hold books, and additional hanging shelving for accessories. Can they make this in an adult size please?

Head over to PolishedHabitat.com for more design details on this closet and tips on organizing your own home and life.

Blue i Style - ArmoireBabyCentralFinal

Source: BlueIStyle.com

2. Baby Armoire

If you new baby is taking up residence in your master bedroom, then this conversion of an old armoire into a closet is perfect! Most armoires have pre-drilled holes that are perfect for adding additional shelving and even a rod to hang clothes. You can easily find bins and boxes to serve as drawers, and can even use the TV stand for a changing station. When you’re done, just close the doors and everything stays neat and tidy!

Head over to BlueIStyle.com for more tips on organizing your home, design and DIY crafts.


Source: FlorenceFinds.com

3. No Closet? No Problem!

It’s very common to use office space or small niches as nurseries. These spaces typically don’t have closets, but you shouldn’t let that deter you from turning it into a haven for baby. Even the smallest of spaces can serve as a closet, like the niche in this room pictured above. Simple shelves and closet racks in an open shelving design can make your old office look nice and homey for baby-to-be. It’s also a sweet way to showcase all those cute baby clothes!

This design was found at FlorenceFinds.com. Check out her site for more tips on fashion, beauty and travel!


Source: Peckled.com

4. Too Big/Too Small

Half the battle in keeping your baby’s closet clean is the fact that you have piles of clothes that they have already grown out of, or they have clothes into the Toddler sizes that won’t be worn for years. This simple idea of having 2 boxes, 1 for future clothes and 1 for clothes too small is genius! Just toss in itty bitty clothes and keep big sized out of sight until you’re ready.

Check out Peckled.com for great tips on organizing, family life and motherhood.


Source: HomedIt.com

5. Vertical Storage

I love this closet for many reasons: it’s simple, has fun, modern wallpaper in the back and very fucntional. We all know that buying pre-fab closet organizers can be expensive. But this take on a closet revamp appears to use an Ikea vertical book shelf and simple, short curtain rods. You don’t need to spend a fortune to have a great (and pretty!) closet for baby.

Head over to HomedIt.com for even MORE nursery closet ideas!


Source: LittleCrownInteriors.com

6. Fit For A Queen

Can we all just stop for a minute and admire this closet? This is something most grown women will never have in their lifetime! Not only is this closet gigantic, I’m seriously in awe of this little baby’s wardrobe! She has more clothes than me! We’re pretty much including this closet in this list because it’s just so darn fabulous.

Be sure to visit LittleCrownInteriors.com if you want to see the rest of this nursery and other amazing designs!


Source: ApartmentTherapy.com

7. Open Closet With Curtains

I love the idea of removing closet doors because they make the room look automatically bigger. You can add curtains to give it a homey feel but to also conceal any potential messes. This closet is so dreamy. It has tons of hanging and drawer space, making a dresser not necessary. I also love how the shelves are used as a gallery. As your child gets older, they will no doubt be filled with shoes and toys, but you’ll have plenty of room with this super organized design!

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