7 Cinco de Mayo Dessert Recipes You Need To Try

For Mexican Americans, Cinco de Mayo is a day to celebrate their Mexican heritage. For the rest of us, it’s a day to try delicious new cultural foods. If you’re like me, you’re familiar with traditional Mexican dishes like carne asada, chimichangas, and quesadillas. But what about desserts? Many Mexican restaurants serve a limited selection of desserts, but on a day like Cinco de Mayo, dessert deserves to be more extravagant. And so, I’ve rounded up a Cinco de Mayo dessert recipes that will add a major dose of deliciousness to your upcoming celebration!

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1. Churro Cupcakes

Just when you thought churros couldn’t get any tastier, they do. Not only are these churro cupcakes loaded with cinnamon sugar flavor, they are topped with a vanilla buttercream frosting. These are made using French vanilla cake mix and instant vanilla pudding mix with baked churros garnished on top. Holy taste bud explosion!

Get the full recipe for these sweetly flavored cupcakes at The Domestic Rebel.

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2. Margarita Bars

Mexican food and margaritas are a classic combo. So margarita bars for a Cinco de Mayo celebration are the perfect treat! These are made with actual tequila, so you’ll sort of feel like you’re at the bar as you bite into these. If you like tangy lime flavors and melt in your mouth goodness, these dessert bars are going to be your new best amigo.

You’ll find this recipe over on The Baker Chick, where there are lots of other dessert recipes to check out.

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3. Sopapilla Cheesecake

There was this Mexican restaurant my mother used to take my siblings and me to when we were young. We would load up on tacos and always looked forward to getting sopapillas for dessert. Now there is a sopapilla cheesecake! I’m guessing this treat is way richer than those restaurant sopapillas. How can you possibly go wrong with anything that has the word “cheesecake” in it?

Check out the full recipe at Sugar Apron.

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4. Mexican Chocolate Brownies

I don’t think I’ve ever turned down a brownie. And not only are these brownies, they are double duty brownies with a top layer of cinnamon buttercream frosting. Talk about a rich flavor! The recipe even uses a bit of ground red pepper to add a little spice to the mix. Mmm mmm yummy!

You can find the full recipe on Garnish With Lemon, along with other recipes to please your palate.

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5. Magic Margarita Pie

I’ve never had pie with a pretzel crust before, so this sounds interesting! That’s right- the crust is made from finely crushed pretzels and brown sugar. The rest of the pie is made with tequila, triple-Sec and limeade. Talk about magic indeed! This would probably be even better with a giant margarita to wash it down with.

Hostess at Heart has the recipe.

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6. Mexican Fried Ice Cream

I’ve had Mexican fried ice cream before. It’s so good! But this takes it to a whole new level. There’s honey, cinnamon, and Cool Whip, and there’s a crushed Corn Flakes layer on top. But to make it even richer, you can drizzle chocolate or caramel syrup, add whipped cream and top with a cherry. O.M.G. delicioso!

Stop by Life in The Lofthouse to get this recipe, and look for more tasty treats to try.

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7. Cannoli Chimichangas

Holy cannoli these sound good! I’ve never been a big fan of chimichangas, but I’m on board with these! The cream cheese, sour cream, ricotta cheese and chocolate chips create a rich, creamy, cheesy dessert that even kids will love. Top with chocolate syrup and serve with ice cream for the ultimate end to your Cinco de Mayo celebration.

Hop over to Chef in Training for the directions on making this.

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