7 Creative Design Ideas For Athletic Kid Bedrooms

If your kids are passionate about sports, decorating their bedroom to show off their favorite team or activity can be a great way to refresh their space for the new year. If you’re not sure where to start, check out these ideas for inspiration. You can choose just one for a sporty touch or combine several for a tour de force makeover worthy of your favorite HGTV show. Regardless, your kids are bound to want to spend more time in their room- a win-win!


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1. Creative Colors

Painting your kid’s room the colors of their favorite team is sure to delight any super-fan. Glidden offers a whole range of official team colors so you don’t have to guess about choosing the perfect shade — Chicago Bull Red or Anaheim Duck Orange are already approved and will match all those jerseys and baseball caps.


Source: Glidden.com

2. Perfect Painting

Once you have your paint colors, get creative about how you use them. Try an accent wall in a different shade, or use painter’s tape to mark off stripes. If you have a team rivalry going on in a shared bedroom, you can draw a line right down the middle to make Dallas Cowboy territory totally different from New York Giants land.


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3. Plush Pillows

For kids who love ball sports, make bedtime a little more cozy and a lot more fun by sewing up some quick throw pillows. You can make fun, ball-shaped pillows to look like oversized tennis balls, baseballs or any balls at all if you use the right color materials and decorate them with topstitching or a fabric pen to bring out the details. You can also make traditional square pillows with black and white checkerboard fabric for young racing fans.

Head over to OneLittleMinuteBlog.com for a great tutorial on making your own catch and throw pillows!


4. Super Seating

For an even bigger surprise, make your child a comfy beanbag chair to toss in a corner. You can choose to make this look like a big version of those ball pillows, or you can use favorite team colors instead. Your local fabric store probably has fun prints that depict lots of different sports, so feel free to get creative!


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5. Fantastic Photos

If your son or daughter is more interested in playing a sport than rooting for a team, your decorating can be more subtle. Add posters of a favorite sport in action: A series of amazing aerials by a snowboarder or a figure skater in mid-leap can be inspiring additions to the décor. A collage of smaller photos framed to match is another way to create a focal point — you could mix and match still-life photos of sporting equipment with action shots of athletes doing their thing.


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6. Wonderful Walls

Wall decals are another fun way to decorate with their favorite sport. They’re easy to apply and can help you create a cool, custom look without requiring any special art supplies or skills. For a more mature style that will keep your child happy well into their teen years, consider decals that feature a silhouette of an athlete or piece of equipment — these will match any color scheme as your child’s tastes change over the years. You can also think outside the box to add snowflakes for winter sports fans, trees to create a natural setting for cross-country runners or palm trees and beach items for the young surfers in your life.

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7. Terrific Training

You can also dedicate a corner of your child’s bedroom to practicing that favorite sport. For example, dancers and figure skaters would love some full-length rehearsal mirrors and a barre attached to the wall for stretching. Yoga mats, a small free weight stand and even a punching bag can be added to create a little gym place to encourage your kid to stay active and hone those skills.

No matter what sport your child loves best, there are lots of ways to incorporate those passions into a one-of-a-kind bedroom design. Get creative and start that room makeover today!

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Megan Wild is a fan of fun room decor and loves helping families design the room of their dreams. You can read more of her ideas, dreams, and tips on her blog, Your Wild Home.

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