7 Creative Under The Stairs Playrooms

If you’re having a hard time finding a room in your home to specifically designate as your children’s playroom but you have Christmas decoration riddled closet under your stairs, your problem is completely solved! The area may be small (see: cozy), but that just makes it easier and less expensive to decorate and customize. The free space under your stairs can easily be used as a mini homework space, a cozy reading nook, or a fun place to hang out and play, but you’d better get on it before they get too big to fit!


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1. Colorful and Cozy

While this space was originally made to be a cozy little homework nook, it can easily be turned into a fun, inspiring space for kids to play, create, and be themselves. The striped feature wall, along with the adorable wall accessories add much-needed pops of colors to the would-be dull closet, the small desk is the perfect size for any kiddo, and the chalkboard featuring artwork never fails to be inspiring.

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2. A Spotted Nook

Decorated using fun wall decals, cute artwork, and tons of cozy pillows, this little room is the definition of cozy. The playroom is perfectly decked out to fit any book and art loving girl. Include their favorite dolls, books, and toys to give the room a more personalized feel.

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3. Perfectly Kiddie

This playroom may be much smaller than a typical one, but it is obvious that no one skimped on the design. The two-toned walls are separated by adorable kid-friendly wallpaper and decorated with framed photos and permanent chalkboards. The furniture is colorful, comfortable, and kid-friendly, and the presence of toys and books makes it a kiddie wonderland.

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4. Themed Cupboard

This Harry Potter themed reading nook/playroom is relatively simple but in no way boring. The walls are covered in old pages from real Harry Potter books, the ceiling is outfitted with a fun HP movie poster, and the actual room is full of fun themed items from the franchise as well as plenty pillows and blankets. This playroom is one of the most fun and creative spaces we’ve ever seen.

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5. Reading Corner

What better way to encourage your little ones to get interested in reading than to make their play areas Dr. Seuss inspired. The festive orange and blue colors are bright and exciting and the presence of toys alongside the books quickly enable this corner to go from a learning space to a play place.

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6. Rock and Roll

If you have a little one who is quickly turning into a budding rockstar, transform their playroom into place where they can go to live out their dreams. The walls are perfectly covered in rock & roll posters and framed pictures and the floor to ceiling record decorations give the major musical vibes. Add a few musical instruments to the makeshift stage and watch your little ones make their own tunes.

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7. Out In The Open

You can still create a fun under the stairs playroom if the space under your stairs isn’t enclosed, just create something fun, colorful, and coordinated with the rest of the room. The chalkboard, books, and toys are perfect for the kids and the more muted and elegant color scheme and decor keep the space from being an eyesore. This space is the perfect combination of fun and beautiful.

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