7 Creative Ways To Get The Terrazzo Look For Your Home

Every year, Pinterest releases a list of trending styles and designs to guide us into the new year. This year, their robust list is rife with a return to simplicity and somewhat of a rehash of home decor we saw several decades ago. One of those items is the incorporation of terrazzo into home decor. In case you missed the 70’s, terrazzo is a mixture of granite, quartz, marble and other stones that are held together with cement. It’s used in flooring and wall treatments and is highly durable. Even if you don’t plan on redoing your flooring anytime soon, you can get the terrazzo look for your home in a variety of ways. Keep reading to see how!


Source: FallForDiy.com

1. Concrete Book Ends

Start small with your new love of terrazzo with a small-scale project. While these concrete book ends do take some patience and skill (you are making something from concrete, after all!), they do a great job of bringing the unique and stunning look that only terrazzo can pull off- and all without ripping out your entire flooring.

Get the full tutorial on these amazing bookends at FallForDiy.com


Source: Simons.Ca

2. Linens

When you want to soften up the feel of terrazzo, then you’ll need to be doing it from the comfort of your bed, snuggling in some awesome printed linens. The satiny cotton is printed in a pastel terrazzo print that perfectly coordinates with your love of this vintage style.

You can order these amazing sheets from Simons.Ca.


Source: MarthaStewart.com

3. Table Top

When you’re not ready for a total terrazzo overhaul, a small side table like the one pictured above my fit the bill. Handmade from 11 pounds of concrete, this fully customizable table top can be made with any color glass to match your existing decor. If you don’t feel like making your own, some careful shopping will probably yield a store-bought version, but where’s the fun in that?

If you’re brave enough to make your own, check out MarthaStewart.com for all the details!


Source: DenyDesigns.com

4. Framed Print

It doesn’t get much easier to incorporate Terrazzo into your home decor than with a framed print. Find a color palette you like, like this lovely blush pink and periwinkle blue, and hang in a prominent place. It’s much lighter than an actual terrazzo wall hanging and easy to swap out if you tire of the trend.

If you love this print, you can find it at DenyDesigns.com.


Source: PaperNStitchBlog.com

5. Throw Pillows

Interior designers put a lot of emphasis on throw pillows and their ability to instantly dress up a space. With it’s many colors, terrazzo can almost certainly pair with any palate, if you search for the right fabric. It’s actually quite easy to make your own, like the ones pictured above. You can find the full tutorial at PaperNStitchBlog.com.


Source: FrenchBull.com

6. Dinnerware

Made in ultra-bright colors and constructed from melamine, this terrazzo dinnerware is perfect for indoor or outdoor dining. You can enjoy the coveted pattern of the famous terrazzo, without having to carry cement-heavy plates. This particular collection comes with every dish you need to throw a 70’s inspired shindig.


Source: Society6.com

7. Rug

Add both physical and visual texture to your space with this speckled terrazzo rug. Colored with neutral blacks and gray/blues on a white backdrop, this particular rug would be great for a modern space, or to tone down a colorful room.

Find other terrazzo-inspired rugs at Society6.com.



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