7 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts That Are Great For Your Mom Friends

Before I was a mom, I never quite understood what it was about DIY gifts that mother’s loved so much. Now that I am one, I can hardly wait for the day when my son is able to present me with his first handmade gift. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show some appreciation for the loving, hard working mamas in your life. Your best friends, sisters, and even your own mother all deserve something special to commemorate all that they do. This Mother’s Day, instead of finding your gifts at the mall, give your favorite mamas one of these DIY gifts!

DIY Mother's Day Gifts

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1. Pedicure In A Jar

With these adorable pedicure in a jar gifts, it’s all about the details. Since you don’t actually have to draw or craft much with this project, you can spend less time trying to make sure everything turns out perfectly and more time making sure what’s inside makes for an amazing experience. Who knew that a few mason jars, some nail supplies, and a bit of twine could be so thoughtful?

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DIY Mother's Day Gifts

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2. Vanilla Cupcake Flower Bouquet

This project is definitely a big task to undertake. First, the baking of the cupcakes, then the careful arrangement, then the even more precarious decorating. If this large bouquet is a little too complex to do for multiple people, you can definitely do smaller versions as gifts or turn this large one into a great centerpiece dessert for your Mother’s Day get together.

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DIY Mother's Day Gifts

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3. DIY Treat Stuffed Slippers

Much like the pedicure in a jar, these treat stuffed slippers are a useful and super thoughtful gift that won’t take a lot out of you. Find a pair of comfortable, but inexpensive slippers and stuff them with everything from little truffles and chapstick to nail polish and gift cards. Tie the slippers together with a bit of colorful ribbon, and you have the perfect simple Mother’s Day gift.

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DIY Mother's Day Gifts

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4. DIY Scented Candles

Everyone needs at least one scented candle in their life. Making your own may seem like an activity that takes ages to finish, but this tutorial makes candle making surprisingly simplistic. With the help of a few essential oils and some soy wax, you can give your favorite mamas a sweet smelling little gift that lights up their home.

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DIY Mother's Day Gifts

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5. DIY No-Sew Floral Apron

Not only are these floral aprons super adorable, but they are completely no-sew as well! While you do need a couple rather uncommon materials like a rotary punch and a leather stamp kit, those items are surprisingly cheap and easy to find online. These personalized gifts are the perfect way to give something both fun and useful to your friends this Mother’s Day.

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DIY Mother's Day Gifts

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6. DIY Mermaid Sugar Scrub

I’m a huge fan of anything that allows moms to pamper themselves in their own home, with the little bit of personal time they may have. Which makes this mermaid sugar scrub the perfect gift. Actually making the scrub is super simple, some sugar, food coloring, and essential oils are all you really need to make your friends feel and smell absolutely amazing.

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DIY Mother's Day Gifts

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7. DIY Watercolor Flower Sharpie Mugs

These DIY sharpie mugs are completely hand drawn, making every single one of them super unique. Even if you aren’t the best artist out there, taking the time to make something like this for your friends definitely won’t go unappreciated.

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7 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts That Are Great For Your Mom Friends

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