7 DIY Projects To Hide Ugly Items Around Your Home

Let’s face it – there are just some things in and around our homes that are flat out ugly. No one really wants to look at a yucky trash can (or smell it for that matter), or see the thermostat in the middle of a gallery wall. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just hide all those things and make our homes look much more beautiful, less cluttered, and more homey? You can find lots of great tutorials all over the internet now a days for covering up unsightliness things in your home. In fact, here are 7 that we love and can’t wait to try ourselves.


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1. Trash Can Cabinet

One of the biggest eye sores in our home is the trash can. No matter how much money you spend on buying a “pretty” stainless steel one, it’ll still be a trashcan that gets food and liquids all over it. If you can’t stand looking at your trash can, build a cabinet that can completely hide it. The best part is that no one will ever know what’s hiding behind those doors.

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2. Decorative Air Return Cover

You know those large, ugly air returns on the walls in our home? They completely throw off the design aesthetic, don’t you think? The good news is that you can actually make a cover to hide it that better matches your home. You can make it look more shabby chic, country farmhouse, or modern. Just go with whatever will look best in your home, which won’t be hard since anything will look better than those standard air returns.

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3. Alarm Panel Cover

All of us have those ugly eye sores on our walls like the alarm panels and thermostats. You can easily cover those little things up by making a swinging art piece on some hinges. How clever is this, and so easy to make, as well! You could hide so many things by making one of these. You can even cover up the circuit breaker box! The possibilities are endless with this DIY project, so get to it.

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4. Hidden Router Storage

Whether you’re internet router is in your office, your bedroom, or the family room, it’s certainly not pretty to look at. No one wants to stare at that ugly black box with the blinking lights and cords coming out of it. Just cover up that ugly box with this awesome fake book storage. From the front and the sides, you would never have any idea that these are not actually books. Just put that router right inside this storage box and no one will ever see what’s hiding behind it.

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5. Hideaway Pet Food

If you have a pet, you know how ugly their food and water bowls can look while sitting out in your kitchen. The water gets everywhere when they drink, and the food begins to stick to the bowl. As a cleanly person, this is one of the things I absolutely hate about having pets. Their food area always looks dirty. With this clever DIY pet food drawer you can hide your pet’s unsightly food. All you need is an old dresser to make this genius project. Leave it open on a daily basis, but when company comes over, simply slide the drawer in and the mess is gone!

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6. DIY Wood Screen To Hide Utility Boxes

Spending time outside with your friends and loved ones is really fun, but looking at the ugly eye sores in your backyard is not. We all have those horrible looking utility boxes around our home and I’m sure you’ve often thought what you could do to cover those up. Simply make this amazing looking wooden screen to hide them. No one will ever know what’s hiding behind there, instead they’ll be admiring the beautiful wood screen in your yard.

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7. Dishwasher Cabinet Door

Those kitchen appliances really aren’t the best looking are they? They’re big, bulky, and don’t really fit in with the whole design scheme of your home. If you have a really ugly dishwasher and can’t afford to replace it, or you simply don’t like looking at it, build a swinging cabinet door to cover it up. Simply keep it closed unless you’re putting dishes in or taking them out and no one will ever suspect what’s hiding behind that door.

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