7 Exhilarating Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For Kids

Easter Egg hunts are often the highlight of Easter for kids. What’s better than running around collecting plastic eggs filled with candy, money or toys? If you’re looking for new ways to liven up your family hunt, check out our roundup of fun and eggs-ilerating (see what we did there?) Easter egg hunt ideas to try this year.

Easter egg hunt

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1. Energy Burning Easter Egg Hunt

A romp around the yard is hardly enough exercise to exhaust little kids, and that’s why this energy burning hunt idea is genius! Print out this list of mini-exercises and stuff in plastic eggs in place of regular candy. It’s a candy-free way to enjoy Easter and pretty funny to watch too!

Get the free printable at EatsAmazing.co.uk!

Easter egg hunt

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2. Easter Egg Hunt Tokens

Instead of filling your eggs with candy, fill them with tokens! When your kiddos find the eggs, they can save up their tokens to buy items you’ve purchased ahead of time that they can use in the coming months. This is a fun way to mix up the Easter egg hunts but also let you kids get ready for summer!

We found this genius idea at LifeAsMom.com!

Easter egg hunt

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3. Color Hunt

Assign a color to each kiddo and have them search for that shade only. This is a great way to make sure kids get the same amount of eggs and perfect for little ones who aren’t quite fast enough to get a huge egg haul.

There are 4 more cute ideas at TheMaven.net!

Easter egg hunt

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4. Puzzle Easter Egg Hunt

Swap out that candy for puzzle pieces this year! This would be a great idea for a bit older kids who find puzzles enjoyable. You can use a puzzle you already have, or get a plain one and personalize just for Easter to make it fun.

Check out MakeTheBestOfEverything.com for more tips on this fun idea.

Easter egg hunt

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5. Balloon Easter Egg Hunt

Toddlers will love this Easter egg hunt, where helium filled balloons are attached to plastic eggs. They won’t help being drawn to the balloons and at their own pace. Make sure older kids know to leave these magical looking eggs alone!

This adorable idea was found at CelebrationsAtHomeBlog.com.

Easter egg hunt

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6. Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt

Mix up your Easter egg hunt and do it at night! Grab some dollar tree glow bracelets, snap and put inside eggs to host the ultimate after dark egg hunt. This is such a fun way the warming spring weather.

Check out GrowingAJeweledRose.com for tons of additional Easter egg hunt ideas!

Easter egg hunt

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7. Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Big kids will love the idea of a scavenger hunt to find this year’s Easter eggs! This prep ahead of time activity is perfect for teens who otherwise feel too old to participate. Pack eggs with a little candy and a clue and watch them enjoy the magic of a good egg hunt.

Check out fun clue ideas at StoryPiece.net.



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