7 Fantastic Feature Walls For Nurseries

Feature walls are an amazing alternative to painting or wallpapering an entire room. Being able to focus on making one wall the focal point of a room opens up tons of design opportunities that may not have been available because of cost or time. This is especially true when it comes to nurseries. From fluffy clouds to rad designs, feature walls can easily turn simple nurseries into super creative spaces for little ones to grow into. Take a look at these gorgeous feature walls for a little inspiration.


Source: oheightohnine.com.au

1. Cloud Nine

This simple cloudy wallpaper is absolutely dreamy. The gray background and fluffy white clouds greatly contribute to the overall neutral and pink toned items in the rest of the nursery. Along with the gorgeous furniture and other wall art, this feature wall really helps transform the space.

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2. Funky Geometrics

With a bit of paint and tons of painter’s tape, this awesome feature wall is surprisingly easy to complete. The cool shapes and sporadic color blocks are the perfect bold choice for any little one’s nursery. The design is fun enough that it all but negates the need for tons of other wall art or complicated decor.

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Source: vintagerevivals.com

3. Animals At Play

Instead of the traditional paint or wallpaper, this wall features plywood animal blocks to fill out the space on the simple white wall. The wall is adorable and childlike enough to look perfect in a newborn’s nursery, but artistic enough to fit into the space for years to come.

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4. Dark and Floral

Granted, dark walls and floral backdrops aren’t what we think of when we envision the traditional nursery, but this gorgeous feature wall makes it clear that the combination works perfectly together. The gorgeous wallpaper is extremely easy to put up and it gives the entire room a chic but cozy vibe that is hard not to love.

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Source: laybabylay.com

5. Adventure Time

This handpainted mural is done in gorgeous, neutral colors that go perfectly with the rest of the nursery. The beautiful, chic adventurous landscape, just like the simple color scheme of the bedroom, is perfect for any growing baby.

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Source: fawnoverbaby.com

6. Monochromatic

While the writings and designs on this feature wall can definitely be changed, the awesome chalkboard paint stays as cool as always. The black chalkboard wall fits in perfectly with the monochromatic design in the rest of the room, and the nature of the black paint allows for tons of creativity down the line.

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Source: 100lyercakelet.com

7. Pastels and Florals

Florals and pastels aren’t just perfect for celebrating springtime, they are also an amazing combination to use in a nursery. The slate gray colored walls are the perfect companion to this absolutely beautiful feature wall.

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