7 Fun Father’s Day Questionnaires For Kids

This last year, while my daughter was at MOPS, she filled out a questionnaire called “All About My Mom.” It was probably one of the most sweetest and hilarious things I’ve ever read (especially since she stated I was 4.5 years old!), and it’s certainly going to get laminated into my “keeps” pile forever. Then I started to see them pop up all over my mom friend’s Instagram feeds and thought, wouldn’t that be just as fun for Father’s Day?  So here are a handful of fun Father’s Day questionnaire’s for the kids. Get ready to laugh at their answers!


Source: TheCraftingChicks.com

1. Daddy Ties

Not only does this questionnaire have some great questions, but it looks adorable too! Dad will be celebrating Father’s Day in style with this wearable question and answer survey, made in the style of a tie that is actually wearable! The best part is this entire template is free and can be found over at TheCraftingChicks.com! You’ll find tons of other great crafting ideas too!


Source: Photokapi.com

2. All About Dad

This simple survey is still so festive in keeping with the tie theme for Father’s Day. I love that it has a place for the kids age at the bottom, and this would be great to do every year to see how their answers change!

You can get this version and even one for grandpa over at Photokapi.com!


Source: TinyMe.com

3. Father’s Day Printable BOOK

Yes, that’s right. Instead of making a one page questionnaire for dad this year, why not make a whole book instead? It’s not as daunting as it may sound. Each question just has it’s own page in this clean-designed template. It’s easy to print, cut and assemble and something dad will want to keep for years to come.

You have to get over to TinyMe.com for this free download, and other printables you’ll love.


Source: KristenDukePhotography.com

4. All About My Dad

Don’t you just love this clean design? It’s simple layout would make it a a super cute questionnaire to place in a small frame and use as a desk ornament!

Visit KristenDukePhotography.com for this free downloadable questionnaire, and also ideas on creating intentional family fun.


Source: TheHandCraftedStory.com

5. I Love You, Dad

The thing I love most about this card is that it can be used anytime of the year, and not just on Father’s Day. Maybe dad needs a pick me up, and this card will surely do the trick. Kids can complete these simple questions and best of all- draw a picture of their dad! LOVE!

Grab this printable over at TheHandCraftedStory.com. You’ll have to pay $5 but it can be used again and again!


Source: LilLuna.com

6. Photo Survey

I love anything that involves a photo and that’s why I really love this questionnaire. Don’t just say it with words, add a photo of dad and your kids too! Adding the date will make this survey special when dad reflects back years from now.

Head over to LilLuna.com to get this free download and other great freebies and printables!


Source: MamaPapaBubba.com

7. All About My Papa

While the questions in this interview aren’t anything new, I couldn’t help but add this to the list because the presentation is just perfect! Type out the answers to the questionnaire and then have your kids draw a full body picture of daddy/papa/grandpa/dad. Then frame simply and voila! A perfect Father’s Day gift.

You can find the download for papa and daddy over at MamaPapaBubba.com. There’s also other great resources on play, crafting and cooking too.

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