7 Fun Valentine’s Day Teacher Gifts For Under $10

If you love giving gifts to your kids’ teachers than you are probably looking at your calendar and noticing how Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly! I have a few friends who are teachers and they always tell me they love receiving gifts, but there are some items they appreciate more than others (and desk chotchkes aren’t one of them). Check out some of these sweet gifts for your teachers this Valentine’s Day!


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1. Bee My Valentine

There are many things that teacher’s receive as gifts they may not need, but chapstick is one of them. Especially when it’s Burt’s Bees chapstick which is natural and feels great! Not only is this a simple, inexpensive and useful gift, but the play on words (bee for Burt’s Bees, in case you didn’t catch it!) makes it great for Valentine’s Day.

Head over to PolkaDotChair.com for this free printable and get buzzzy!


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2. Toe-riffic Valentine

I love this idea because the colors of the card make it Valentine friendly, but you could really use it for any holiday. All ladies love nail polish in some color, so find an inexpensive pink or red shade, slap on this cute card and you have a toe-riffic valentine (see what I did there?).

Check out SimplyKierste.com for this free template you can print out on your own!


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3. Hugs & Kisses Mason Jar

A little candy is always appreciated by a teacher, especially if it’s in this adorable mason jar with a Valentines theme. A simply stamped or painted peice of burlap and festive colored ribbon are all you need to take a plain jar to Valentine’s day lovely. Don’t forget the kisses!

Head over to TheHappierHomemaker.com for this idea and 40 more!


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4. Popular Teacher

I’ve heard that teachers love gifts they can take home and use, and this cute play on words with popcorn as the gift is adorable! Throw in a small bottle of soda and some candy and your teacher will be dreaming of her upcoming movie night.

MarciCoombs.com has this idea, and tons more great Valentine’s teacher gift over on her site!


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5. Gift Cards

Hands down, all teachers will agree they love getting gift cards. So why not dress up yours with this cute Valentine and gift card holder combo? It’s the perfect way for your kids to show how much they love their teacher!

SkipToMyLou.com to has this free printable, so skip on over right now!


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6. School Supplies

I know, I know, school supplies aren’t super “festive,” if you will, but teachers can ALWAYS use them! Additionally, come February, who knows if they still have a great stash going. If you want to give a purposeful gift, you can! Just use one of these cute tags to make it more festive and your teachers will adore you.

Get over to GluedToMyCraftBlog.com for these free printables!


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7. Movie Night

Give your teachers the gift of their choice of rom-com’s with this super easy Valentine: a Redbox movie! Did you know you can purchase Redbox codes online and give as gifts? You can! Add the code to a Valentine, and add some movie treats and you’ve got the perfect gift.

OverTheBigMoon.com has more info on purchasing Redbox codes and this adorable printable too!

7 Fun Valentine’s Day Teacher Gifts For Under $10

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