7 Tasty St. Patrick’s Day Drinks For Adults

One of the best parts of holidays is getting to try new foods and drinks. I’m not a big drinker in general, but I’m open to trying new flavors if they sound appealing. With St. Patrick’s Day, you can expect plenty of green treats for trying, and for grown-ups, that includes those of an adult nature. Yep, I’m talking about cocktails. Anything green, rainbow or Irish is fair game on St. Patrick’s Day, and these all look incredibly delicious! Will you join me in raising a glass to these festive drink recipes?

source: 3 Yummy Tummies

1. Shamrock Midori Melon Martini

Back when I was in college, my favorite cocktail was a Midori sour. I love fruity flavors! This Midori martini has the same ingredients but mixes in orange juice also. For an extra sweet taste, dip the rim of the glass in honey and green colored sugar.

Learn how to mix this drink up from 3 Yummy Tummies.

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2. Guinness Beer Floats

I’m not a beer drinker, and I’ll never understand how people can enjoy the taste of it. However, I love ice cream, so I’d totally be up for trying this Guinness beer float! All you do is plop some ice cream in a mug and pour Guinness over it. So easy, and what a tasty way to loosen up.

Find more food & drink ideas for holidays on Evermine.

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3. Mojito Sherbet Punch

If you like your punch with a tangy…punch…this drink will surely do the trick! It combines margarita mix, club soda, limeade mix, rum and lime sherbet. Then it’s garnished with limes for an extra dose of sour.

Check out the mixing instructions for this at Pizzazzerie.

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4. Leprechaun’s Kiss Martini

Ok, I don’t even care what this tastes like, I want to try it just because of the rainbow rim! But it does involve chocolate liqueur, vanilla vodka, and Hershey’s kisses, so I’m convinced I’d have several glasses of it. This would make a great after dinner drink.

Stop by Inspired by Charm to get the full recipe.

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5. Irish Sour Apple Cocktail

With some Irish whiskey, sour apple vodka, and apple slices, this cocktail must be quite strong in flavor! Since it’s green and Irish, it’s a double dose of St. Patrick’s Day awesomeness!

Find the instructions for making this drink from Park Ranger John.

source: This Fairy Tale Life

6. Pot of Gold Martini

Ever wondered what the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow tastes like? Now you can find out! This drink combines rum, ginger beer, and Goldschlager. But even better, the glass rim is covered with edible gold flakes. Yes, you can actually consume the pot of gold.

Get the secret to this recipe from This Fairy Tale Life.

source: Sugar & Cloth

7. Boozy Shamrock Shake

One of the types of alcoholic drinks that I’m more inclined to try is a spiked shake. I’m a sucker for anything made with ice cream. This shake mixes ice cream with Irish cream liquer, which sounds pretty divine to me!

Pop over to Sugar & Cloth for ideas on glamming up your holiday party drinks.


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