8 Amazing DIY Baby Gates

Why is it that so often baby proofing products are so ugly? Namely, baby gates. I mean, we have to see and use them everyday. You think someone would have thought of more stylish designs by now… hmmmm. Maybe that is going to be my million dollar idea. Alas, Pinterest is here again to save the day with their many awesome DIY baby gates. Make the perfect customized baby gate to fit your home with one of these amazing tutorials.


Source: www.lesleywgraham.com

1. Barn Door

This incredible barn door is both functional and stylish. It’s sweet charm totally adds to the space instead of taking away from the look like a traditional baby gate. You can see the full tutorial on www.remodelaholic.com.

Check out www.lesleywgraham.com for fashion, dreaming home decor and motherhood.


Source: www.offboulevard.com

2. Half Door

One of the most simple ways to construct these DIY baby gates is to simply cut a door in half and attach a latch. It gives the appearance of a dutch door all the while proving safety to your little explorers. Find these simple step by step instructions at www.offboulevard.com.


Source: www.chrislovesjulia.com

3. Plexi-Glass

Keepin’ it simple yet practical. This plexi-glass baby gate is a great design for those of us who are minimalists at heart. With a surprisingly easy step by step tutorial,  you can make your very own.

Head over to www.chrislovesjulia.com for amazing home makeover ideas!


Source: www.littlelucylu.com

4. Pallet Gate

There always has to be a good pallet DIY tutorial. It just makes sense, right? Pallets are great as they require minimal construction and help keep the cost of lumber down. Just make sure you check how big the gaps are as the safety requirement states they should be no bigger than 4 inches.

Check out www.littlelucylu.com for more DIY projects.


Source: www.ejay-curlygirl.blogspot.com

5. Fabric Baby Gate

This fabric baby gate is a great non-permanent solution.

Visit www.ejay-curlygirl.blogspot.com for many other awesome DIY projects

baby gate

Source: www.maisondepax.porch.com

6. Sliding Gate

This sliding gate is another awesome non-permenant solution. Although not advised to used at the top of stairs this is a good and simple tutorial to deter little hand and feet from trying to climb the stairs. It does that at the same time looking sleek and chic.

Head over to  www.maisondepax.porch.com and check out their amazing home tours!


Source: www.yourmodernfamily.com

7. PVC Pipe Gate

PVC is lightweight and easy to use, which is perfect for a DIY baby gate. Just cut all the pipes to the correct length, assemble, add hinges and a latch and hey presto, your done!

Check out www.yourmodernfamily.com for ways to save money, kids activities and tips on staying healthy.


Source: www.chezerbey.com

8. Plywood Gate

I love how sleek and stylish this routered plywood baby gate is. I can speak from personal experience that white gates and dirty toddler hands do not mix well. With this custom gate you can paint it any color you want to fit you theme.

Head over to www.chezerbey.com to see how they’ve been renovating their 1910 fixer-upper in Seattle.

If you absolutely can’t stand the thought of making your own baby gate, we’ve rounded up a great list of gates you can get with the click of a button. Check out our post on the Top 5 Rated Baby Gates On Amazon!

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