8 Easy and Awesome DIY Party Decorations

One of my very favorite things about going to any kind of party is seeing how it’s been decorated for the occasion. I love how all of the little details come together and make a stunning, fun, and visually appealing event to be at. With that being said, throwing a party is certainly very fun, but it can also get really expensive and stressful. All the decorating that has to be done is one of the most stressful parts. Now a days, there are so many great DIY party decorations you can make on your own without having to spend a ton of money that will make your party look absolutely beautiful and fun. Check out these 8 awesome ideas.


Source: craftandcreativity.com

1. Washi Tape Glasses

Oh how I love washi tape. It has so many amazing uses and, of course, always makes everything look so much cuter! To add a little color and decor to your cups at your next party, decorate them with a little washi tape. It’ll spice up any boring, plain cups, and will make a small detail of any party pop.

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2. Tape Decorated Water Bottles

If you’re looking to keep things even more simple at your party and only want to serve water bottles for drinks, you can make those look pretty, too! Simply take off the label, then apply different kinds of tape where the label would normally go. You can use duct tape, painter’s tape, or washi tape. All of them will really take your water bottles from drab to fab.

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3. Streamer Wall

It’s always nice to have a beautiful backdrop at any kind of party, whether it’s for a photo booth, behind the food table, or simply an entrance decoration piece. No need to spend hours and hours creating some fancy wall when you can create a stunning wall like this with streamers! You can buy streamers at most dollar stores, which makes this wall not only easy to do, but cheap, as well!

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4. Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Pieces of decor hanging from the ceiling are always fun at parties, and these tissue paper pom poms are not only easy to make, but stunning as well. I love how large they are because it creates such a bold statement. Tissue paper is another item you can buy at dollar stores which makes this inexpensive to make as well.

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5. Tissue Paper Tassel Garland

Another great tissue paper craft for party decorations is a tissue paper tassel garland. It looks beautiful and the best part is these are fairly simple to make. You can use lots of fun colors and again, head to the dollar store for your supplies! All you need is tissue paper, tape, scissors, and string. Once you hang this up at your party, it’ll really look like a celebration.

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6. Cupcake Liner Garland

If you’re looking for a very simple to make piece of decor that doesn’t take a long to make, put together this cupcake liner garland. It’s a very unexpected piece of decor that no one will ever expect. These, too, are fairly inexpensive to buy and always come in large quantities. You can find lots of fun colors and patterns on the liners which will make the garland look even more fun and bright.

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7. Confetti Balloons

Instead of having plain balloons at your next party, fill them up with confetti before you blow them up. The confetti adds a fun, bright statement to the balloons and livens them up. In my opinion, it’s much more fun to see these balloons than plain colored ones. You’ll have your guests asking you where you got those adorable balloons and you can tell them you made them yourself.

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8. Streamer Ceiling

If you really want to transform your party space, you’ve got to cover the ceiling to make it look like a whole new room. For an easy and inexpensive way to do this, make this streamer ceiling decoration! I love how it completely changes the look and feel of the room and makes it look like an actual party. We’ve all seen streamers on the ceiling before, but never like this. This takes streamer party decor to a whole new level.

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