8 Festive Fall Pregnancy Announcements

Once you find out you’re pregnant you want to shout from the rooftops and tell the whole world the exciting news. It’s a very surreal time in your life and you want to make it as special as you possibly can. Now a days couples have come up with some pretty adorable and fun ways to announce that they are expecting a baby. I love seeing these fun announcements pop up on my social media feeds. If you’re expecting a baby and haven’t yet told all your friends and family, the fall season may be the perfect time to do so and to help you get ideas, here are 8 of the cutest fall-themed pregnancy announcements.


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1. Pregnant Pumpkin

Pumpkin patches grow more and more every day as new pumpkins are grown. Obviously, everyone knows that a baby grows inside a woman’s belly. A great way to represent a growing pumpkin “family” patch would be to carve out a whole in a larger pumpkin, then place a smaller, baby sized pumpkin inside. This would obviously represent the mother and her growing baby. The family is adding another pumpkin to their family patch and who wouldn’t be excited to see this adorable representation?

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2. Baby Shoes And Baby Pumpkins

Everyone loves baby sized things because they are so small and just plain adorable. Incorporate these cute baby things in your announcement by using a baby pumpkin to represent your child and throw in some adorable little baby shoes as well! This is sure to make everyone scream in excitement when they see those baby items.

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3. Accessorized Pumpkins

Another great way to represent your family in pumpkin form is to dress each pumpkin up like they were the actual person. Here this family used a tie for the dad, a pearl necklace for the mom, a pink bow for their daughter, and of course, a pacifier for their new baby they are expecting. Obviously these items are very symbolic of each person and there’s no mistaking that a baby is on the way when people see that cute little pacifier.

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prolife pumpkin

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4. Baby In The Womb Carved Pumpkin

Since you’re probably going to be carving pumpkins this year anyways, why not announce to the world your pregnant, by carving a baby in the womb into your pumpkin? You can snap a picture after it’s all done and glowing, then post it on social media and send it to all your friends and family. You can find these templates on the internet and it’ll be a memorable pumpkin carving you’ll never forget.

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5. Gender Reveal

If you not only want to announce you’re pregnant, but want to reveal the sex of the baby as well, you can paint a baby pumpkin either blue or pink to represent the child’s gender. This is very simple, but so cute to reveal to everyone if you’re having a boy or girl. That’s one of the most exciting parts about expecting a baby.

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6. Pumpkin Belly

Since pregnant bellies are big and round like pumpkins, use one as a representative of your growing belly. Place it in front of your stomach and hold it near the bottom as if you would your real pregnant belly. Then get used to doing that because you’ll be doing that exact same thing for the next few months as your baby get bigger and heavier.

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7. Simple Pumpkins

If you don’t want a lot of fuss in the announcement, but still want to do it in a cute way, just simple write a cute phrase on some pumpkins, then tie some bows around the stems. The colors, writing, and ribbon all still look absolutely adorable and fun and would make anyone excited when they see this .

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8. Skeleton Baby Shirt

It seems like t-shirt companies are getting more and more clever when it comes to the graphics they put on their clothing. You can find really fun pregnancy ones like these where it shows the person’s skeleton bones, then what is inside their stomach. Of course, a pregnant woman would have a baby in hers, so you could simply just send out a picture of yourself wearing one of these. You can include the whole family as well if you want, which makes it even more fun and adorable.



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8 Festive Fall Pregnancy Announcements

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