8 Holiday Cocktails Your Guests Will Love

Christmas is my absolute favorite season! Twinkling lights, fancy parties, delicious treats and cozy nights in at home. If you are hosting a festive gathering this year, there is nothing like a signature drink to set the mood. I love the idea of having a tray set up ready for when your guests walk in, or serving them with appetizers before the games kick off. Either way, you are sure to have all your friends coming back for seconds

The Cranberry Mule is a fun take on the more traditional Moscow Mule. Perfect as a Thanksgiving cocktail, this drink calls for cranberry, ginger beer and spiced rum, then is topped with sugared cranberries as garnish.

Source: www.thespeckledpalate.com

1. Cranberry Mule

Moscow Mules are all the rage (do people still say that?) at the moment, and this cranberry version is no exception. Even better if you have the copper mugs to serve it in!

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Peppermint White Russian

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2. Peppermint White Russian

This creamy delight has a new take for the holidays. Try out this recipe for your next party!

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Pom Mulled Wine

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3. Pomegranate Ginger Mulled Wine

A personal favorite, mulled wine! I love this warm and cozy drink during the winter season. Made with simple ingredients and can easily be put together, even for a last minute gathering.

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4. Eggnog Martini

Pull out those martini glasses this year to serve this boozy eggnog, because nothing says Christmas like nog!

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5. Candy Cane Mojito

With a Christmas twist on the cool mojito, your guests will love this candy delight!

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Source: www.howsweeteats.com

6. Fresh Cranberry Ginger Vanilla Margaritas

How festive do these look? And such  fun twist on the traditional margarita. These will be a huge hit at any holiday party!

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7. Sparkly Raspberry Cocktail

Christmas time, the reason to make everything in your house sparkle, including your drinks! Impress your guests this year and add this to your party planning.

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8. White Christmas Martini

To take it to the next level, why don’t you try matching your drink to the your party theme? This white Christmas celebration is such a fun idea! Either way, make sure to try this holiday delight.

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