8 Non-Candy Goodies To Put Inside Easter Eggs

You’ve probably heard the expression, “It’s about the journey, not the destination.” When it comes to hunting for Easter eggs, I think this concept rings true for most children. While opening the eggs to see what’s inside is exciting, the hunt for the eggs is just as much fun. And I think kids are probably so excited to open their eggs, they don’t have any expectations about what’s inside. For parents who have a no-candy policy, this is music to their ears. Instead of filling those Easter basket eggs with sugar and sweets this year, try one of these non-candy goodies for your kiddos.

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1. Easter Stickers

What kid doesn’t like stickers? You can find tons of designs and they are usually very inexpensive. Roll them up inside of the eggs, or put individual stickers in. You could also put a sticker book in your children’s baskets for them to use the stickers with.

Snag these cute Easter stickers on Amazon.

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2. Cereal Bits

Dry cereal can be eaten for breakfast, but it also makes a nice afternoon snack. It just so happens that cereal bits like Cheerios or Lucky Charms also fit perfectly inside plastic Easter eggs. Your children will probably work up an appetite on that Easter egg hunt, so this will give them a boost of energy.

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3. Bouncy Balls

Kids, especially ones who are active, generally love bouncy balls. They get a thrill trying to catch them and love seeing how high they can bounce them. Bouncy balls are just the right size for putting in an Easter egg.

You can find colorful and fun bouncy balls from Target.

easter eggs4. Dollar Bills

I know I’d be stoked if I opened my Easter eggs and found money inside. For kids, money means even more than it does for adults. You can also start teaching your children about finances by helping them understand how to count, save and spend money. If your children have piggy banks, you can put coins in their eggs instead of dollar bills.

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5. Mini Bubbles

When the weather is nice outside, many children enjoy blowing bubbles. A cute little mini bubble bottle would be so much fun to find inside an egg on an Easter hunt. You can find bottles in cute, spring colors, and put a refill bottle in your children’s baskets.

Check out the mini bubbles you can grab on Amazon.

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6. Temporary Tattoos

Artistic children might already be asking for a tattoo. Especially if mom or dad has one. Temporary tattoos are a great compromise. You can find so many different styles, and your kids will love changing their tattoos, which they can’t do with real ones.

Head over to Ducky Street to find super cool tattoos for your tots.

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7. Erasers

If you have school age children, they probably use erasers all the time. And while an eraser by itself might not be that exciting, an eraser with a fun design would be. Toss a pack of Easter pencils into their basket so they’ll know that the eraser will be put to use.

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8. Mini Nail Polish

Girly girls who are old enough to paint their nails will be thrilled to find mini nail polish bottles inside of their Easter eggs. Go with pretty pastels for a totally festive look. There is even nail polish made specifically for children that is safer to use.

Check out the mini nail polish collection at Stein Mart.

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