8 Ways To Upgrade Your Ugly, Boring Cabinets

Let’s face it – many of us are stuck with ugly, boring cabinets in our homes. Redoing a kitchen is extremely expesnive and not to mention very time consuming! As a result, fixing those ugly cabinets can easily get pushed really far down on your “to-do” list. However, there are so many fun and beautiful ways that you can upgrade your cabinets without spending a fortune or completely ripping them out and getting new ones. If you currently hate being in your kitchen because you can’t stand to look at your cabinets, but also can’t afford to get new ones, check out these 8 easy ways to upgrade them so your home will be more beautiful and you’ll be happier.


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1. Paint Them

One of the most obvious solutions to fix ugly cabinets is to paint them! It may seem like big project, but it’s much quicker and less expensive than replacing them all. Plus, there are SO many tutorials online now a days that will completely walk you through the whole process so it’s less stressful and much easier to do than if you were going to attempt it all on your own. So, go check out some of those tutorials, pick out some paint colors, and have at it! You’re kitchen will look completely renovated when you’re all done.

At Home With The Barkers is a great website full of renovation and DIY projects for your home.

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2. Stencil Designs

If painting all of your cabinets seems too stressful or too big of a job, then you can try stenciling the panels with fun designs. This will instantly transform them and make them look more updated. You can go with geometric shapes, floral designs, or simple patterns. Either way they’ll create a new look that will make your kitchen look beautiful.

You’ll love all the home decorating tips, remodeling ideas, gardening advice and more over at Better Homes And Gardens.


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3. Replace Hardware

Perhaps one of the easiest upgrades you can do to your kitchen cabinets is to replace the hardware on them. Often times we are stuck with ugly, old hardware that’s from the 80’s. This is an easy and relatively inexpensive upgrade that will really make the whole kitchen design look different and much more modern.

HGTV is the ultimate home design, decorating and remodeling resource when it comes to needing ideas for your own home.


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4. Add Glass

Often times we dream of having a few cabinets in our kitchen with glass in them so we can show off some of those really beautiful glasses and plates. Well, did you know that you can actually put in your own glass? What an incredible upgrade that you can do to just a few of the cabinets that will really transform the whole look of the room!

You’ll find lots of other great decorating and designing tips for your home like this one over at Provident Home Design`.


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5. Add Moulding

If you have those boring, flat faced cabinets it’s certainly time to do a little updating. Those cabinets look so outdated! You can easily upgrade those puppies by adding a few pieces of wood to make it look like moulding and paneling. Just a simple trim can really transform the look of the cabinets and make your kitchen look more modern.

Decor and the Dog is another website full of home design tips and DIY projects for your home like this one that will make your home look more beautiful.

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6. Insert Contact Paper

If you haven’t already discovered the many uses for contact paper, you are seriously missing out! This is a great tip, especially for renters because you can easily put this on your cabinets, and just as easily take it off without damaging anything. It’s perfect for the quick fix. If you have plans to eventually paint the cabinets, but don’t have time or money yet, try putting a little contact paper in the panels and that alone will make them look brand new.

Hometalk is a website full of home and garden DIY ideas that other people have done to show you how to do it in your own home.


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7. Wallpaper The Panels

If you want a more permanent look, try wallpapering the panels of the cabinets. This, obviously, will be more of a long term upgrade but it also gives you a lot more color, pattern, and texture options. This tutorial here uses bead board wallpaper to get the beautiful look without the high cost of real bead board. It looks exactly the same and is absolutely stunning.

Check out Brandi Sawyer’s blog for lots of great home projects that you can do in your own home as well as decorating tips.


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8. Tile The Panels

Another really easy and quick upgrade is to buy some tile sheets from your local home improvement store and place them inside the panels! This really looks beautiful and creates a look not seen in many kitchens. You’ll love the finished look and you won’t spend a million bucks, either!

You’ll love all the home decorating tips, remodeling ideas, gardening advice and more over at Better Homes And Gardens.

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