9 Artistic Paint Chip Projects

I don’t know about you, but I cannot visit the paint section at the hardware store without browsing the paint chips and selecting a few colors to take home. I dream of the colors I would paint my Pinterest inspired kitchen, and also just grab any color I’m currently obsessing over as, well, how can I not? If this sounds just like you, then you are in luck. I have 9 super simple and awesome ways for you to use all those paint chips you’ve hoarded.


1. Easter Garland

This DIY egg garland is perfect for Easter next month and will add a touch of Spring to your home. All you need is a selection on pastel colored paint chips and a egg template.

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2. Paint Chip Chandelier

Does your room need a little jazzing up but you are on a budget? Then this paint chip chandelier is for you. It’s so cute and it totally looks like you bought it at the store. You can change the colors or the shape that you punch. So many options!

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3. Paint Chip Bookmarks

This is seriously the easiest way to use up all those extra paint chips you have lying around the house, and it work for any shapes or size. Just simply attach some string to one end and, voila, you have a bookmark!

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