9 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Walls Without Paint

Whether you’re renting and can’t paint your walls, or you want something more interesting than a wall full of one color, you may be searching for other design alternatives for your walls. While there are lots of options out there, some are more time consuming than others and some are really quick and easy. That means there’s the perfect project out there for you and your home. Whether you want bold and colorful, or subtle and rustic, we’ve got some great ones to show you. I guarantee after looking at these 9 ways to design your walls you’ll want to switch up the design on your own walls.


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1. Wall Decals

Why spend time measuring perfect stripes to paint when you can buy wall decals that already come perfectly straight? All you have to do is stick these on your wall, and you’ve instantly got a striped wall without all the hassle. They come in a variety of different colors and shapes, as well, which gives you a large amount of choices to choose the decal for your home.


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2. Freehand Drawing

If you’re gutsy enough to try some freehand drawing on your walls, then grab a paint pen and let the inner artist come out. This amazing wall was created by free handing the design with a paint pen. The result is beautiful and I mean, how fun would it be to “color” on your walls? Just don’t let your kiddos see you doing this, otherwise you might create a problem.

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3. Stenciled Designs

If you’re not the best artist, then try stenciling your walls with a paint pen instead. It will definitely be easier to do with a stencil and the result is still stunning. The great part about using a stencil is that you won’t have to stress about it looking absolutely perfect the whole time you’re designing it.

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