9 Festive Fourth Of July Banners

The Fourth of July has always been one of my favorite holidays not only because of the reason we celebrate, but because it just reminds me of the ultimate American pastime – gathering with friends, eating delicious BBQ food, spending quality time outside with our loved ones on a nice warm day, then spending the night either shooting off our own crazy fireworks or watching a spectacular fireworks show. It’s just all together a good time and I think everyone looks forward to this holiday. It’s also really fun to decorate for, especially if you’re going to be having your own Fourth of July party. Holidays and parties aren’t complete unless there is some sort of banner hanging up, which is why we’ve rounded up 9 really festive, patriotic Fourth of July banners for you to make. Check them out.


Source: seevanessacraft.com

1. Festive Burlap

What is it about burlap that just seems so fitting for patriotic crafts? It makes the perfect medium for this adorable banner that’s got everything from the festive colors, to the stars (or dots in this case) and stripes, to the cute little tied ribbons. It’s simple but classic which makes it absolutely perfect in my eyes.

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2. Paint Chip Letters

First off, I love that this banner breaks from the traditional flag look by using letters and words instead, but I also love that it’s made out of paint chip samples! What an incredibly cute idea! The best part about this craft is that it’s free! Just run to your local paint store and pick up all the paint chips your heart desires and you’ll be good to go.

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3. Pretty Paper

If painting burlap isn’t your thing, you can try overlaying it with some adorable, festive looking paper instead. It still has a patriotic look, but this is perhaps more simple for those of you out there that don’t have the craftiest hands. I love that they used paper that even though it has the red, white, and blue theme, it doesn’t scream “Fourth of July.” It’s kind of a fresh take on the whole patriotic look.

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