9 Free Spring & Easter Printables

Since you’ll be decorating for Easter and Spring any day now (or maybe you already have) you’re going to need some cute printables to put up in your home. I love holiday printables because all you have to do is print them out and put them in a frame or hang them on your wall. So incredibly simple and easy, and not to mention FREE! It doesn’t get much better than free when it comes to holiday and home decor, right? So check out these 9 adorable spring and Easter printables that will bring in a whole lot of cheer this season.


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1. He Is Risen

Whether you’re religious or not, you can’t deny how beautiful and profound this printable is. The flowers, the fonts, the colors…they call combine to make a beautiful printable that will share the true message of Easter with all those that are in your home.

Landeelu is a fun, creative website full of craft and DIY projects, as well as yummy recipes to try for you and your whole family.

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2. Hippity Happity Hoppity

This printable just puts a smile on my face. It’s funny and silly, and that’s what makes it perfect. Of course, you can’t go wrong with a floral motif either. It makes it happy and cheerful and that’s what Easter is all about.

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3. I Said A Hip Hop

Anyone else read this printable and immediately think of that grandma in “The Wedding Singer” singing this song at the wedding at the end of the movie? It kind of makes me want to get up, sing, and dance when I see this printable. But movie references aside, bunnies (the main symbol when it comes to spring and Easter) hop, hop, and hop some more, so it’s the perfect little way to bring a little fun into your spring decor.

If you like this free printable, you’ll find endless amounts of others, as well as free fonts over at Fontaholic.

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