9 Gorgeous Living Room Designs To Inspire You

When I was growing up, my grandparents lived in a very old house, one that had two different living rooms. While one of those rooms was relatively normal, used for watching tv and spending time together, the other was much more formal. So much so that my grandmother wouldn’t allow anyone to step foot in it unless there was important company. As a bonafide adult with my own home and family, having two living rooms seems like nightmare on just about every level, especially since keeping the one we do have in tip-top shape is so difficult at times.

Our living room is used for everything from movie marathons, to baby playdates, to family gatherings that are far too large for the space. There’s always a blanket that doesn’t quite match thrown over the back of the couch and at least one toy on the floor. I guess what I’m saying is that wish my living room had as much style as the ones on this list. And on the off chance that I find the time, money, and motivation to do a serious overhaul on my home decor, they’ll be the first place I look to for inspiration. Check out our fun list of 9 gorgeous living room designs to inspire you!

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1. Cool Neutrals

This living room perfectly utilizes the simplicity of their white walls to their advantage. Gorgeous, neutral toned furniture and accent pieces are used to keep the room bright and airy. This space manages to be slightly formal but extremely inviting at the same time thanks to clever decorating skills and color composition.

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2. Serious Statements

If you were describing this living room to me without visuals, I definitely wouldn’t be able to picture it. But seeing the elements come together to form such a cool space is amazing. Instead of going with one particular accent color, print, or texture, this room features items that are soft, rustic, and eclectic. A little bit glam, a little bit country, all the way gorgeous.

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3. Rustic & Whimsy

This space reminds me of something I’d find in a beautiful Cape Cod style home. The simple, bright color scheme is enhanced by the touches of rustic wood throughout the living room. From the many throw pillows to the gorgeous coffee table, all of the elements create a room that you want to cuddle up in.

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