9 Innovative DIY Pipe Projects

In case you haven’t noticed, using industrial piping as home decor is becoming really popular. It’s used in a lot of really well known design magazines and websites. It may seem strange to use something that’s meant to go underground or in walls, but it’s actually really creative and innovative and that’s why people are loving it so much. There are so many things you can do with piping and that’s part of the fun. The possibilities are endless! See for yourself, and check out these 9 innovative and awesome DIY pipe projects.


Source: somethingwewhippedup.com

1. Curtain Rods

I am pretty obsessed with this idea of industrial pipes for curtain rods! For some reason I have the hardest time finding curtain rods that I actually like. I feel like a lot of times curtain rods are forgotten about when it comes to design. Just because they’re used as something functional, doesn’t mean that they, too, can’t be beautiful and decorative. That’s what makes these industrial shelving curtain rods so cool is that they are not only functional, but decorative, as well.

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2. Pot Rack

We’ve all seen pots displayed over islands, above the stove, or elsewhere on the wall, but I bet you’ve never seen them displayed on a pot rack made from piping. How interesting does this look? It’s so different from what you’re used to seeing which, in part, is why it looks so cool. It, too, is very functional, but also really beautiful. It would definitely be a statement piece in your kitchen.

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3. Towel Bar

Who wants a boring old towel rack when you can have this really innovative towel bar made from piping? I know I would certainly love to have this in my bathroom. It sure would make a better design statement than a normal towel bar.

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