9 Reclaimed Wood Projects To Get The Farmhouse Feel

When I get tired of my 1990’s architecture home, I often find myself browsing Pinterest for new decor ideas. Lately, all that seems to pop up is farmhouse style and I’m ok with that. Because even though I’ll probably never style my home in shiplap, galvanized metal, use open shelving or a muted color palette, the farmhouse design is pretty fun to look at. This decor uses tons of natural elements, including reclaimed wood and there are lots of ways to incorporate it into your home. Here are some of my favorite reclaimed wood projects.

reclaimed wood projects

Source: TheCottageMarket.com

1. Console Table

Industrial piping and reclaimed wood is pretty much all you need to piece together this console table over the weekend. It’s a great option for those spaces in your home that require a narrow custom piece of furniture, but that doesn’t require custom pricing. Who’s making this this weekend?!

Visit TheCottageMarket.com for 11 more ideas for using reclaimed wood in your home.

reclaimed wood projects

Source: ThriftyAndChic.com

2. Hanging Wire Baskets

Add instant storage or decor to your home by hanging wire baskets from a pallet made from reclaimed wood. You’ll gain some dimension to your wall space, without sacrificing precious floor space. Fresh greenery and the texture from the wood pallet are great ways to bring in the farmhouse style easily!

This project is inexpensive and pretty easy! Check out how it’s done at ThriftyAndChic.com.

reclaimed wood projects

Source: Etsy.com

3. Coat Rack

DIY projects don’t get much easier than this reclaimed wood coat rack. Prep your wood and then simple attach your coat hooks, then hang in the perfect spot!  This particular version is sold on Etsy but I dare you to make this yourself. Show us a picture when you’re done!

reclaimed wood projects

Source: BeckysFarmhouse.com

4. Headboard

A unique way to add dimension and character to your bedroom is to use reclaimed wood for a custom headboard. There are many styles, but we particularly like the varying lengths of this version, and even the broken piece to give it a one of a kind feel. All it takes is a variety of reclaimed wood pieces screwed into a few 1×6’s and you’ve for a show stopper of a headboard!

See more of this amazing bedroom at BeckysFarmhouse.com.

reclaimed wood projects

Source: KristiMurphy.com

5. Reclaimed Wood Fire Place

Tired of your builder grade fireplace? Want another option besides drywall, tile or traditional brick? You don’t need to demo! Frame out your fireplace and install reclaimed wood instead! Wood or narrow planks, mismatched or coordinated colors, there’s a broken down barn out there somewhere that will match your current color palette. This requires some careful planning and DIYing, but you can’t deny the end result is simply stunning.

Check out the amazing before and after pics at KristiMurphy.com.

reclaimed wood projects

Source: ApartmentTherapy.com

6. Accent Wall

Add immediate texture to a room by creating a reclaimed wood accent wall. It’s surprisingly simply, involving only some careful measuring and creative, puzzle-like maneuvering as you squeeze and wedge in your boards to cover the wall. I love the handmade feel it gives to this room.

Visit ApartmentTherapy.com for more inspiration, including a bunch of how-to’s and creating your own accent wall.

reclaimed wood projects

Source: Little-Brick-House.blogspot.com

7. Wooden Arrows

We all have those walls in our home that just need a little something, am I right? These DIY reclaimed wooden arrows may be just what the doctor ordered! It takes just 4 pieces of wood and some careful nailing for each arrow. I’d venture to say you can whip these up pretty quickly, so long as you get your little hands on some gorgeous and rustic reclaimed wood.

Check out more details on this DIY at Little-Brick-House.blogspot.com.

reclaimed wood projects

Source: Remodelaholic.com

8. Wood stool

Forget dropping $50 on a pre-made wooden stool for your entryway, especially if you have reclaimed wood lying around already. While definitely a DIY for the more skilled woodworker, this is an excellent way to put old wood to good use (because who DOESN’T need tons of place to sit down?).

Check out the copious steps to making your own at Remodelaholic.com.

reclaimed wood projects

Source: MyDStudio.blogspot.com

9. Mantle

The fireplace is often the heart of the home (next to the kitchen, of course) and there’s plenty of hideous ones out there. Refresh your look by painting your brick and adding a large reclaimed wood plank to serve as an updated mantle. No matter your style, you can find a piece of reclaimed wood that fits, and will completely transform the look and feel of your room.

Check out more beautiful design details and architecture at MyDStudio.blogspot.com.

reclaimed wood projects

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