9 Savvy Crafts For Your Old Sweaters

I’m always on the look out for cute and creative crafts, but you know what? Crafting can be EXPENSIVE. If you are a new crafter or are trying a new style of crafting, you often have to buy every material you’ll need, instead of pulling from your established staff of supplies like paint, glue, brushes and fabric. While the excitement is still there when it comes to making something with your own two hands, your pocketbook is much emptier then when you started. That’s why I love repurposing old materials and turning them into a fresh craft! Do you have old sweaters lying around that are out of style, stretched out or don’t fit you anymore? Then this list of cute sweater crafts is just up your ally. Check it out to find some great ways to breath new life into this listless sweaters!

Sweater Trees (cardboard) (13)

Source: FindItMakeItLoveIt.com

1. Sweater Trees

Sweaters are synonymous with chilly days and thus, the holiday season. These sweater trees bring some warmth into your home and can be whipped up in minutes! All you need is cardboard, old sweater, some burlap and hot glue. They are one of a kind an look like a store-bought decoration!

Head over to FindItMakeItLoveIt.com for the full tutorial on these adorable sweater trees. You’ll also find amazing craft videos and printables!


Source: ThatsWhatCheSaid.net

2. Wine Sleeve

Could you just buy a cheapy wine bag and plop your gift of wine in, calling it a day? Of course! But you’re a crafter and thus, you yearn to give handmade and creative gifts. This wine sleeve is probably calling your name right? This sleeve is exactly that: made from an old sweater sleeve! Just cut off an arm (of the sweater, that is) and an additional circle of fabric for the base and sew together.

Check out ThatsWhatCheSaid.net for an easy tutorial. There’s also tons of great recipes, crafts for baby and much more.


Source: OneGoodThingByJillee.com

3. Sweater Pumpkin

Oh me, oh my, this sweater pumpkin is ridiculously adorable. According to OneGoodThingByJillee.com, it’s also one of the easiest things to make using an old sweater! Just cut off the arms and top of the sweater, turn inside out and gather the bottom. Stuff it and and shape into pumpkin form and tie off! I definitely need to try this out.

OneGoodThingByJillee.com has this idea and 26 more crafts for using your old sweaters!

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