9 Things All The Best Parties Have

Whether you’re planning a birthday party, bridal shower, or just a fun get together with your friends, there are a few party essentials that you must have in order to throw the best party of the year. Obviously, throwing a party is not the easiest feat in the world, but it sure is a lot of fun pulling it all together, then enjoying yourself as you mingle amongst your loved ones. I don’t know about you, but I put a lot of pressure on myself when it comes to making everything look and be perfect for any kind of party I throw. Am I needlessly stressing myself out? Probably, but I just can’t help myself. If you’ve got an upcoming event to plan and decorate for and want to make sure that it looks beautiful and perfect, here are the 9 most essential things all the best parties have that yours will need, too.


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1. Letter & Number Balloons

Gone are the days when you could decorate with regular balloons. Now a days, if you don’t have letter or number balloons at your party spelling out “Happy Birthday,” “It’s A Boy,” or something similar, it’s just simply not good enough. There is a good reason, though – these balloons are everything. They look so fun and there’s just so much you can do with them. They look great as a single number or letter, or as spelled out words or phrases. They’re definitely a must have at every party from now on.


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2. Flowers

Flowers are always a must when it comes to party decor. In fact, they’re a must in any kind of decor. There’s just something about fresh flowers in a room that can brighten anyone’s spirits. That means they make the perfect addition to your party. You can use them as centerpieces or put them in hanging vases. Either way they’ll look absolutely beautiful and make your party really look special.

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3. Paper Straws

Whether you love or hate these adorable little straws, they really do make a fun accessory to your party drinks. Some may say that they are overused now a days, but, personally, I don’t think any party is complete without them. You just can’t go wrong having them at your party. They look cute and they make drinks easier to consume. What more could you want?

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