Find Your Pot Of Gold With These Fun Leprechaun Traps!

St. Patrick’s Day is coming and that means it’s time to set up your Leprechaun trap! In case you are unfamiliar, a leprechaun trap is a fun way to lure a leprechaun to your home on the night before St. Patrick’s Day. Get plenty of crafty, and when the kids go to bed, parents can leave evidence that the leprechaun visited them, like candy or gold (chocolate) coins, or cute green footprints. There’s no limits when it comes to making your own leprechaun traps, but be sure to include lots of green, gold, shamrocks and rainbows!

leprechaun traps

Source: ModernParentsMessyKids.com

1. Duplo Leprechaun Trap

A painted tissue box, some chalk art and a few Duplo building blocks make this a super simple leprechaun trap that’s easy for little ones to help out with. Leave it in a prominent place and watch the kiddos eyes light up in the morning when they discover something fun inside!

Check out 10+ more ideas for leprechaun traps at ModernParentsMessyKids.com.

leprechaun traps

Source: GreyHouseHarbor.com

2. Free Slide

Trick your leprechaun into your trap with this adorable trap with an enticing slide. Made from rainbow-painted popsicle sticks and rested atop a box, the slide is constructed from a paper towel roll. I bet you have most of the supplies laying around your house already!

Check out GreyHouseHarbor.com for an adorable “how to” video made by the kid creators!

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Source: TheCraftingChicks.com

3. Gold Vault

We all know leprechauns love gold and that’s why this Gold Vault trap is genius! Made from an old cookie can (an oatmeal box would be great too!) that’s covered in scrapbook paper, this is a great option for whipping up a trap quickly. Tempt your leprechaun even more by attaching a paper ladder (don’t forget the “keep off” sign!) and add some gold coins.

Check out several other trap ideas at TheCraftingChicks.com.

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Source: DIYInspired.com

4. Box and Stick Trap

Despite being one of the most simple designs, this leprechaun box and stick trap is PERFECT for wee ones. Cover a shoe box in paper and then let them have at it with stickers, markers and anything else they want to put on the box. When they’re all done, attach a string to the box and a stick, and then prop up for ultimate leprechaun enticement.

Check out the inspiring pics at DIYInspired.com.

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Source: TheSuburbanSoapbox.com

5. Leprechaun Hat

A leprechaun can never refuse the site of a giant, green hat! You can make one from green poster board (so sturdy!) and then add other goodies, like a pipe cleaner rainbow, a straw ladder and don’t forget the “free gold” sign. Make sure to cut a hole in the top to trap your leprechaun and then cover it up with a shamrock! So sneaky!

Head to TheSuburbanSoapbox.com to see the easy steps for making your own!


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