How To Cut an Onion Without Crying

How To Cut an Onion Without Crying

How To Cut an Onion Without Crying

Today I show you how to cut an onion without crying. Sick of shedding tears every time you chop an onion? That will be a thing of the past after you’ve watched this tear free onion cutting tutorial. Simply follow the step by step instructions and you’ll successfully be able to cut/chop/dice onions without any pain or suffering – and it’s easier than you may think. This is the exact same method that is used by famous chefs such as Gordon Ramsay & Jamie Oliver on a daily basis.

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HowToBasic - 11 months ago

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Haiderolic Throne - a few months ago

Yes without crying onion wow i try this on my friend moms kitchen

damenbosss - a few months ago

Ogres are like unions. They have layers

Jafar Villonor - a few months ago

XD what is dis

vaulthrill360 - a few months ago

i laughed my ass off at the milk pouring part

Izaac Williams7 - a few months ago


WhaToCook Trini Recipes And More - a few months ago


Jeremia Ferrell - a few months ago

dude ik u have alot of money and all but PPL in africa will eat that stuff

Luna Dead zone - a few months ago

Who thinks this is onion abuse. 1 like 1 cry

Iiro Mutanen - a few months ago

Epic fight of two legendary heroes

Kang Boy - a few months ago

Better than watch deepweb

Superlaney S - a few months ago

Is this the closest we will ever be to seeing his face

go away - a few months ago


gastly boy - a few months ago

this feels very experimental

Da jack ń jill DJJ - a few months ago

onion bath😂

Levente Balog - a few months ago

In Africa, you are starving and wasting your food

007 - a few months ago

I stop watching around 0:44. I really didn't need to see that. Make a normal youtube video. You're not getting any money from my subscribe.

moonbeast32 - a few months ago

I'm having trouble making the onion man appear. Please help!

Anonymous Figure - a few months ago

This is so good

Zara - Lau - a few months ago

1:40 that's how he clean by putting them in the walls

DÂNÂ サン - a few months ago

U can’t do that at least it’s food u will go to Hell if u keep doing that!!!

I just told you
And god will ask you why’d you do that for

Selin 1228181 - a few months ago

why do you do that? This is really food waste. People are going to gather eggs to eat. There are people who die because they have no food. I believe in Allah (god) (im muslim) and he will punish you.

Shark creeper gaming Killer x-ray356 - a few months ago


Spider-Man Eating a Fatass Onion Ring - a few months ago

0:49 is that a JoJo reference?

hoàng đình chi - a few months ago


batman is nuclear - a few months ago

Instructions not clear got turned into a onion

TheGamePenguin - a few months ago

Meme level 101

TheMcArrow - a few months ago

That’s onion abuse

DZ8 A - a few months ago

He is a treat to onion kind

Fahad haider - a few months ago

Pakka haramma aadmi h

Kelvin Apolonio - a few months ago

now you're going to cry onion damn😂😂

Zharmila - a few months ago

0:31 waaaaaaaaahhh

Couch eee - a few months ago

onion abuse.

Susanoflame litdane - a few months ago

Guys just chew gum

camren johnson - a few months ago

Where are you getting the money for these videos

Nony - a few months ago


Kinetic Dragon - a few months ago

Im curious what his neighbors think his job is

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