How To Dry a Shirt in 30 Seconds

How To Dry a Shirt in 30 Seconds

How To Dry a Shirt in 30 Seconds

Today I show you how to completely dry a shirt or any other piece of clothing in 30 seconds or less. I recently discovered this amazing trick that can dry any piece of clothing incredibly fast! I didn’t believe my eyes as my shirt magically became bone dry in a matter of seconds. I thought this method was too good to keep to myself, so I decided to make this video to share it with the world. Sick of waiting for your clothes to dry? Simply follow the step by step instructions in this video.

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cardboardSpycicle - last month

Make sure you use the ingredients from the other tutorials, my only criticism is that in 1 second off

Teresita Cienfuegos - last month

This is so stupid I hate whoever did this

Santino Starosa - last month

01:17 cute

Daniels Feldums - last month

He has wasted 100 not born chicken babies who will grow up and lay more eggs

Daniels Feldums - last month

1"06 Bon appetit!

Daniels Feldums - last month

1:06 Bon appetit!

tHeNiCeMaN - last month

I tried this myself after watching this video since I am, of course, too inept to be able to operate a so-called drying machine, although, I do have some concerns. Mainly, the duck. Although I did get a dry shirt in the end, I did not see a duck or any animal at all. What am I doing wrong?

Paneque Panaca - last month


Spinin'Doggo - last month

WARNING Don't try this at home

a a - last month


Gabriele Valentino - last month


Fabian Garcia - last month

I'm so sick and tired of these misleading videos it clearly took more than 30 seconds he should have this video removed

L L - last month

This is the only recipe in the whole channel that works. Even though i couldn't find a duck under my t- shirt, it was delicious.

YouTube Vip - last month


Armando Ortiz - last month


Donna Ashley - last month

When you realize that you try or cook duck but it hides in a shirt😡😡😡😡😡

Crab-o stabb-o - 4 weeks ago

aww that duck was so cute. and you got the shirt dry! DIY 10/10 ! 👍🏻

Derpyeevee 1 - 4 weeks ago

Is This On iOS?

Llorenç Perez Torres - 3 weeks ago


vieeny wank#1 - 3 weeks ago


vieeny wank#1 - 3 weeks ago

What the fuck

Vehli janta - 3 weeks ago

what the f*ck

Lance Vance - 3 weeks ago


Roszita Alias - 3 weeks ago

Where he get ak-47?

OnlyAwesomely - 3 weeks ago


I wanna eat my shirt now???

lil Nick _E - 3 weeks ago

Damn I swear you and the eggs and milk

Ultimatemememaster - 3 weeks ago

0:18 OMG I PREDICTED IT. I thought of the egg machine gun before seeing this video! (This is not a joke.)

D .O.S - 3 weeks ago


Stefano Rusu - 3 weeks ago


sa dart - 3 weeks ago

really fart sounds 0:24 0:38

Alexandros Theocharous - 3 weeks ago

Are u milioner?

Muhammad Ilham - 3 weeks ago

On 0:17,war are begging with Ak-47 !!!!! 😂😂😂😂

Kitty Poops - 3 weeks ago

why always eggs?

Adrian Ladda - 3 weeks ago

How to basic > Five minute crafts

YourUncleOlaf - 3 weeks ago

Light it on fire

YourUncleOlaf - 3 weeks ago

Where’d he gte the bird.

Mohd. naved - 3 weeks ago

Red bull🤔

bitkanas yt - a couple of weeks ago

Oops i miss clicked i meant in 2 hours

ЖДРОНС PLAY - a couple of weeks ago

I can get free duck if I just bake my clothes!?

TheNinjaLlama Ree - a couple of weeks ago

Where'd u get the duck

Nadia Rodriguez - a couple of weeks ago

I tryed this and it worked so great and plus I got a pet duck now!!!!!

random youtuber - a couple of weeks ago

And that's how you do it

Noah Mullins - a couple of weeks ago

I wonder how much money you spend on eggs

Kermit the frog gaming - a couple of weeks ago

It took me 31 seconds.
What a pain 🙁

TURDY_ WATER - a couple of weeks ago

Why and how was there a duck

Clara Gerber - last week

What in the actual heck. I love it!

zhenyu wong - last week

I think it takes more than 30 seconds

Irene Kung - last week


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