How To Fix a Leaking Toilet

How To Fix a Leaking Toilet

How To Fix a Leaking Toilet

Today I show you how to easily fix a leaking toilet. You’ll be amazed at just how easy it is to fix a toilet yourself with a few basic household tools. Overflow tube faulty? Flush valve not working correctly? Is your toilet not flushing properly? Is it leaking? No problem – This simple trick will fix it. Simply follow the step by step instructions and your toilet will be good as new in a few short minutes. Plumbers are expensive – Fix it yourself and you’ll save a fortune.

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Plumbers are expensive! You'll save a fortune by fixing it yourself. SHARE IT:
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Richard III Byrd - 6 months ago

Well I agree you should add leeks. 😋😋😋

Retr0 gamer - 6 months ago

😊 good

electronic wolf - 6 months ago


Zippy - 6 months ago

0:28 laugh out loud

Waluigi Cult Member - 6 months ago

To fix a leaky toilet ya just gotta use flex tape my nibba

Kraz gaming 06 - 6 months ago

Super nice I want to fix so lol

Nigel Jared Silva - 6 months ago

My dad cant poop now

Luke Fowkes - 6 months ago

HTBs friend: I'm having a new bathroom fitted soon.
HTB: can i make a video?
HTBs friend: what for?
HTB: stuff…

Riot - 6 months ago

How many eggs does he have?

mr Rorri - 6 months ago


mouse d-town playground - 6 months ago

What in the summons is.. wait you buy one sixytioion eggs?

Isaac Champlain - 6 months ago

I feel bad for the repairman

簡又睿 - 6 months ago

How to fix eeg

jhnn Vllbhr - 6 months ago

How many eggs do you spant on a video

Kylie Mounger - 6 months ago

Do you know your going to fix that

Dionisis Aslanidis - 6 months ago

Put X2 speed on 0:29 and the egg gun has just been launched.

Madison Lefebvre - 6 months ago

Pore toilet !!!😭😭

1 DICKHEAD - 6 months ago

How many egg do you have

AdventurousGAMING BOY - 6 months ago


Aspect - 6 months ago

No eggs where harmed in the making of this video…

Medha Thakur - 6 months ago

Just Wastage of food 😭

Mr. Unknown - 6 months ago

How dirty you are. Dirty man

_JustKxtieMSP_ - 6 months ago

More like Ruin Your Toilet

Gabski728 - 6 months ago

And dats a toilet

Gabski728 - 6 months ago


UHC - 6 months ago

there's more eggs here than in the 1 million sub video

Ila Cook - 6 months ago

You are stuped

Irrelevant Channel - 6 months ago

0:29 27 EPS.
EPS = Eggs Per Second.

Mahir Azad - 6 months ago

Well, that was his fault over the years…

Jacob Myers - 6 months ago


Crazy Waffle - 6 months ago

Opps I think someone ate to much

Treking55 - 6 months ago

When I was watching this I thought it was actually about fixing the toilet

Cristian Trangon - 6 months ago

Grande! Questo è spettacolare poornoddio!

SupremeKai - 6 months ago

Damn,for a moment I thought this video is going to be normal!!!!

LPS Kinuski-kastike - 6 months ago


Chui Rouge - a few months ago

Putain le toilette

Veikka Arvola - a few months ago

Idiot xD

Iqmil Qushairy - a few months ago

That's so satisfying. 😹

Jack H - a few months ago

You will spend a fortune by breaking your toilet

andonid2008 - a few months ago

What The Hell Is This Mees On The Toilet

Jesse 1025 - a few months ago


Austin McMillan - a few months ago

FG423S 2134

Jam mie - a few months ago

Somebody need a new toilet…

Tyler Cumberbatch - a few months ago

95% eggs 2% vegetable

un Jun - a few months ago

well…. do you really use taht toliet?

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