How To Make a Chocolate Mud Cake

How To Make a Chocolate Mud Cake

How To Make a Chocolate Mud Cake

Today I show you how to make a delicious chocolate mud cake. This cake is absolutely delicious – and best part is it’s incredibly easy to make. No matter your skill level, you’ll be able to successfully bake a delicious chocolate mud cake that will go down a treat. Enjoy!

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HowToBasic - 9 months ago

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Zoe T - a few months ago

Why are there so many dislikes and so few likes?

Анна Сомкина - a few months ago

😑 WHAT????

Que Bui - a few months ago

Alright when your making the chocolate mud cake then you get haunted by a freakin frog meme then you wake up from the nightmare then you have to get 50 eggs then mud then chocolate sauce then the lights flicker then the frog meme comes in but it had a bicycle but it has a smoother then haunts you again then you wake up in bed just stay there until the same frog meme sits on the shelf then go to your bed then goes to the camera :edit: I did a lot of typing lol

Dikkie Beugelaar - a few months ago

wtf he can make simple a horror movie or something with that special effect. great!!!

Dikkie Beugelaar - a few months ago

the recipe was in beginning really good. but what comes next??? into the heater or cool down the cake?! someone knows what the finish from the cake himself is?

Anime Internet Explorer - a few months ago


Curtis Scott - a few months ago

Have you had your vitamin D today

Алексей Сливницин - a few months ago

Есть русские!

Deklan's Gamer - a few months ago

New subscriber

Just Monika - a few months ago

Thanks! This really helped! I made it for my brothers birthday 🎂😁🥳🤩 He loved the mud! 😄

vaporeon and pals and plays - a few months ago


angela byrd - a few months ago

I knew there was gonna be mud in this as soon as I pressed play

Door Golden - a few months ago

Pensé que en realidad estaba en un tutorial de cocina hasta que vi a la rana en el triciclo

b ws - a few months ago

I wanted some egg destroying galore not an actual horror clip….

Super Girl - a few months ago

Go look at the recipe for his rainbow cake, it doesn’t summon Pepe.

Tylenol PM - a few months ago

that lil fucker turned his head, im.outttie

Mr. Oblivion - a few months ago


Mxrkiie - a few months ago

I’ve always wondered if someone actually believed this and tried to cook it until HowToBasic started going madness

its just Cassandra sparkles - a few months ago

Your insane

Uriel Raven-Frost - a few months ago

Sees HTB get mud
Ha! I knew it!

MM The Gamer - a few months ago

this is how you make mud

James Eribal - a few months ago

This was better then expected

Fabian Moreno - a few months ago

Hey Micheal vsauce here

130274 963529400 - a few months ago

1:46 a line

George - Minecraft & More! ツ - a few months ago

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

[Fortnite] Jonesy - a few months ago

I didint go to school today cuase me sick and im watching this at 8 am lol

Officer Hugh Downing - a few months ago

1:49 I want to play a game…

Emily Nisbet - a few months ago

even the thought of having to clean this up kills me

The butt Stache cat - a few months ago

When I saw the title I new that They make the cake out of mud

I'M TRAINA - a few months ago

Con esa comida que haces estas cosas podrías darle de comer a gente necesitada y tendrias más seguidores y likes

Wølfimation .223 - a few months ago

Uh dude If you eat that you’d die

You forgot vegan water dude!

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