How To Make an Ice Sculpture

How To Make an Ice Sculpture

How To Make an Ice Sculpture

Today I show you step by step how to make your very own ice sculpture. Think making ice sculptures is difficult? Think again. This technique is incredibly easy – even a beginner will be able to craft a beautiful ice sculpture in a matter of minutes. It’s great fun for the whole family! Even the kids can get involved. You also don’t need many tools – all you need is a few everyday household items.

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Wafflefive - 8 months ago

I finished it but it doesn't look like yours does? What did I do wrong?

CALVIN CHEN - 8 months ago


Maxnovo 1001 - 8 months ago

Noooooo ice cream whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maximiliano C. - 8 months ago

This is art…

Astro games V2 - 8 months ago

I followed the steps and i got a big slush i want my money back

xd :v - 8 months ago

I do not understand the need to waste so many things .

Willow The white winged wolf - 8 months ago

Beautiful magic but I laughed so har when u opened the cooler and the bucket just floated slowly to the top

Leif Weigel - 8 months ago

I didnt know I was watching howtobasic until howtobasic

CYNTHIAPAM - 8 months ago

So thats how those are made….

Thndr_ - 8 months ago

Swear at it twice. Fraid I can't do that. Wish I could continue with my deep financial investment but I just can't bring myself to say the h*ck word.

박상우 - 8 months ago


Jim.drumm3r _ - 8 months ago

Imagine how many eggs he’s used?😂

Carien Kotzé - 8 months ago

Wtf is this channel

Daily Dose PUBG Mobile - 8 months ago

0:40 When you hold your pee for 4 hours and finally you can go to the toilet

Mirek - Mirda85 - 8 months ago

die pls

Gacha Eagle. - 8 months ago

Thx for teaching 😂😂😂😂😂

sama dia - 8 months ago

Wow very beautiful chicken 🤣I hope u still have money for ur next brilliant ideas 😅

Shakzkie YT - 8 months ago

diz guy is fuckin rich in egg

RobloxianRoblox - 8 months ago

I forgot this was how to basic

LecoGaming YT - 8 months ago

lol thanks for that.

im not trendy,asshole - 8 months ago

directions unclear:got penis stuck in my fridge

SupremeCenturion - 8 months ago

Imagine the dude at the car wash

Caitlinicecream - 8 months ago

There goes a birdies life.

Caitlinicecream - 8 months ago

Americans sure do know how to waste food.

MrIsaacGamer ,Variedad y diversion - 8 months ago

First I thought he really was was doing a tutorial

NICHI - 8 months ago

Eis que temos o cara mais rico do mundo

Cranaculas - 8 months ago

Under no circumstance should you ever give this man Bionicles. God knows what hellish nightmare he would create 0-0.

Potato - 8 months ago

thank you my mom found this very helpful

Macari Adrian - 8 months ago

Thanks for teaching me how to make an ice sculpture

CredibleDerek6511 - 8 months ago


PLEXER 13 - 8 months ago

I was actually clicking on this video for a tutorial, and then…

Amaura Animationz - 8 months ago

Wow by the time I saw the ice got thrown to the car I immediately look who made this vid and it was a HowToBasic ;-;

Red Thunder - 8 months ago


Xiahznazz ! ! ! - 8 months ago

My Spinach & Ricotta Lasagne won’t eat…. I guess I’ll check on it later?

ZenexG - 8 months ago

Got a Chicken Guard ad on this video

Zack i - 8 months ago

Its work

Khem Rai - 8 months ago

It works

Kalerio patata - 8 months ago

Jaja, hizo un pollito

Neervo0zaa 1 - 8 months ago

I tried excatcly like that but it didnt workkk

Autism Channel - 8 months ago

Hey how to basic. I will defeat you.

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