How To Make Meatballs

How To Make Meatballs

How To Make Meatballs

Today I show you how to make homemade meatballs. This delicious recipe will make a batch of succulent meatballs that will go down a treat. They’re easy to make, and don’t require many ingredients – Anyone can make them with ease. Simple follow the step by step instructions – Enjoy!

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HowToBasic - last year

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Tatiana Moreno - 8 months ago

This is so stupid

i200 h209 - 8 months ago

ball poop gas you ball ok?

Stefana - 8 months ago

I swear his videos get creepier and creepier

Sebastian Benjamin - 8 months ago

Why doesn't min
e look like that

Namii Suzamoto - 8 months ago

Spaghetti ain't spaghetti without meatballs.

I had to eat spaghetti with pasta and no meatballs once and it was disgusting

Firulais - 8 months ago


Mr. Crack - 8 months ago

I expected the Ikea to be a hellish landscape after you went inside

Coco Rmz - 8 months ago

Este Video Se Ha Subido Con El Telefono Android

NATH - 8 months ago

Waste fellow
All wasting

DoubleLucky777 - 8 months ago

What music name on the start please


Bagaskara Azhar - 8 months ago

Wonder how Gordon Ramsay will react to this

Tank 415 - 8 months ago

It’s almost like watching DHMIS

Mazda Atenza 6 - 8 months ago

Tbh I'd still prefer HowToBasic's meatball since Ikea meatballs were made of horse meat when they were supposed to be pork and beef (I actually like horse meat, but I'd hate being cheated and eating something that probably hasn't passed any proper health code), and they also sold cakes that contained excessive levels of a fecal bacteria found in the feces of warm-blooded animals. So thanks but no thanks, Ikea food doesn't seem to be so much better than the things HowToBasic cooks.

Joshua Jimenez - 8 months ago

Ok look I know how to do all that but…..i dont have an ikea in emporia

Chase Balmer - 8 months ago

I love the shovel

Aaron Hawley - 8 months ago

hahaha they are swedish meatballs

the skeleton sans - 8 months ago

How to kill how to basic with egg

Man dude person guy - 8 months ago

This video radiates such a dont hug me im scared vibe for most of it

Muhammad Feby - 8 months ago

Ada orng indonesia ngk di sini,yg ada LIKE 👍

Dima Rubcov - 8 months ago

Okay… That's looks like fine tutorial, but some moments was unnecessary

Kawaii Wolf Girl - 8 months ago

How you think it will turn out VS how it actually turns out…

F&P Trains UK - 8 months ago

im gonna tell my mum to make it .looks delicious:)

Gamer Boy - 8 months ago

Jusr 2:21

Confusion Bart - 8 months ago


Senzo The Gamer - 8 months ago

He screwed it up

Meiral the white fox XD Twini - 8 months ago

Dude why every vid have egg and your voice is funny and EGGS

Mr. Rochman - 8 months ago

I didn't know Ikea was a food place I thought Ikea was supposed to be a furniture store. Where I live in Hawaii Maui we don't have Ikea stores.

Kevin Bordetas - 8 months ago

No me justa que tire la comida

VFSCHANTZINATOR - 8 months ago

"Spanglydank McDingledorf" -Pronunciationmanual

Zharmila - 8 months ago

0:43 the meatball is getting bigger XD

Wadsome - 8 months ago

that’s a spicy meatball

The_Venomous_Viper 123 - 8 months ago

This is DHMIS

Tarun Sri Sai - 8 months ago

For the first time you did something correctly.. atleast till the last step

EFFE - 8 months ago

0:56 killed me😂😂😂

a trash can - 8 months ago

ikea meatballs are best meatballs

Danika Worden - 8 months ago

When u rage over a game this is how u are

Mirip Alucard - 8 months ago

Indonesian food

BSG - 8 months ago

1. Cut off your testicles
2. Go to ikea to buy some meatballs
3 And you're done!

Adin Curcudel - 8 months ago

1:02 The sound that do is like the sound of some enemies of The Binding Of Isaac

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