How To Make Ramen

How To Make Ramen

How To Make Ramen

Today I show you how to make authentic Japanese ramen. You won’t believe it’s homemade! You’ll love this delicious homemade ramen. This is the exact same ramen recipe that is used on a daily basis by chefs all throughout Japan. Never made ramen before? Don’t worry! Simply follow the step by step instructions. It’s quick & easy! Will probably take you longer to clean up.

There are a few different types of ramen. The most popular ones are; Shio ramen, Shoyu ramen, Miso ramen & Tonkotsu ramen. This recipe video can be used to make all of these – Simply substitute some of the ingredients to your desired ramen.

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HowToBasic - a few months ago

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Yvo Eguales - 7 days ago

I mean your house

KantaponCH - 7 days ago

At least this ona isn't an eggs

Well there is a boil egg but meh

R3dPanda - 7 days ago

Why Why cant you just eat oh?😂😂😭😭

Kyzo Kyzzz - 7 days ago

What kind of stupid is this

Marshmelow :3 - 7 days ago


Zadia Goodwin - 7 days ago

I am extremely hungry for ramen now

3bood M - 7 days ago

Can this man cook food without going insane

Doro bee - 7 days ago

Awesome video except the part after 8:02

TheDogeMaster nuh - 7 days ago


Anna Kustal - 7 days ago


J P - 7 days ago

This is a joke, right?

Tze Hang Cheeng - 7 days ago

Noodles !
and Rice !
Both are Life !

Sanuello Gamer - 7 days ago

Ok good tutorial but tath are so very much nuddles ¿or not?

Ema Kličková - 7 days ago

Takhle se to nedělá blbečku😘

Arze Gucci - 7 days ago

How many bags of noodles was that?

Mountain flower - 7 days ago

You can actually use these, just not the crazy stuff.

NightFury PW - 7 days ago


Ak snith - 6 days ago

so many noodles

LaGGeR _ - 6 days ago

Это шо за ебля тут происходит?

Psycho Fucked up - 6 days ago


Cecilia Silveira - 6 days ago

Day of nigth sap assasin

Zenny - 6 days ago

Didn’t add enough ramen geez😡!

strange thanrs - 6 days ago

Great way to combine teaching and destroying

Phan Hiển Nguyễn - 6 days ago


Arnie's Adventures - 6 days ago

The end really made me uncomfortable. Just me?

Bret Williams - 6 days ago

what a waste of food

Ana Laura - 6 days ago

6:23 oh normal video

8:15 wait ;-;

Multi Konto - 6 days ago

That’s NO normal video.

けもフレ愛者 - 6 days ago


Jcooper212 ! - 6 days ago

Naruto would have killed his ass

Conrad Buckesfeld - 6 days ago

We haven't enough noodles

Big Chungus - 6 days ago

Anyone think he didn’t make enough noodles?

Nischay Soni - 6 days ago

how to make mount Fuji of noodled

Joao Pedro Muller Wilges - 6 days ago

It's the worst channel on youtube 😭

eclipsa - 6 days ago

Fuck wrong video

Fys Sourseagle 22 - 6 days ago


Tina Green - 6 days ago

Great video thank you! But the ending is so funny😂

Daviana Atkinson - 6 days ago

When your grandmas trying to find out how to make ramen so she clicks this video…

Ria Esquivel - 6 days ago

Uzumaki Hinata would like to know your location…

ThePurplePony - 6 days ago

I Think he Needs Some More Noodles….

Th3D0g3 - 6 days ago

I think a chinese demon came into my house after I did this because I passed out and woke up with noodles everywhere… I shouldve watched the last part of this video before I did this

pandory gaming - 6 days ago

First video he show cares to egg for once

itsnotgood - 6 days ago

Me when I try to make enough ramen for one person

galaxywolf96icecream fox - 6 days ago

There are starving children in Africa u better eat that I'm watching u

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