How To Untangle Headphones

How To Untangle Headphones

How To Untangle Headphones

Today I show you one simple trick that will untangle any set of headphones – no matter how tangled they are – in seconds. Think your headphones are too tangled to fix? Think again. This method not only shows you how to quickly untangle headphones, it also shows you how to prevent them from becoming tangled again. Learn how to untangle any set of headphones in seconds by following the step by step instructions.

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HowToBasic - 7 months ago

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Lucky Gaming - last week


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This man done made a whole roasted chicken just to untangle some head phones LMAO😂😂😂😂

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PikaPika Gamer - last week

I thought this was a real HowTo video. And I shit you not. THE SECOND the video loaded my headphones started to become untangled.

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could I try margirine instead?

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Yey chicken dinner

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No chickens were harmed in the making of this video.

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Hey,it work,only my ear phone not have any sound

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"try a simple trick" they said

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I really like this food. It looks actually good.

AmiPlayz - last week

I, personally, am a master at untangling headphones, I use this tactic every day because my get really tangled, used it this morning actually, I'm surprised people also knew this tactic too!

HATE DVA YT - last week

You mean earbuds

owen yang - last week

who would dislike this?

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