Make Thanksgiving Fun With These Free Printable Stickers!

Thanksgiving is a special time for getting together with friends and family, enjoying tasty food and being grateful for what we have. It is also a busy time. Planning dinner, decorating the house and getting many other things done during preparations can be time consuming and often stressful. If you add the energetic kids running around the house, everything becomes even harder to manage. Here are some tips on how to keep the little ones busy and entertained while you’re making preparations for this glorious holiday. These free colorful Thanksgiving stickers will help you out in that venture!

Thanksgiving stickers

Set A Kid-Friendly Table

Arranging a separate kid-friendly table for Thanksgiving can get the youngsters very excited. Just print out these stickers on a regular or self-adhesive paper and jazz their dinner table up. For example, to make finding their seat fun for them, you can use the labels to decorate each seating with cards that have each kid’s name on them.

With all that festive energy in the house, chances are the children aren’t going to be much interested in eating. Hence, decorating the food can attract their attention and inspire them to try different dishes. Cut out a few labels, write down some funky names, messages or jokes and apply the labels on food dishes or napkins next to the plates. If you write “What are unhappy cranberries called? Blueberries!” on a blueberries bowl, or “What’s the best thing to put into a pumpkin pie? Your teeth!” they’ll surely be more eager to try those “sad cranberries” and put their teeth into the pumpkin pie. 🙂

Thanksgiving labels

Prepare Small, Yummy Gifts

Sweets are something that all kids love for sure. Bake delicious Thanksgiving cookies and put them in bags or mason jars. Decorate them with labels, add a funny joke or a warm blessing and it will be enough to make this Turkey Day joyful for the kids.

Thanksgiving labels

Get Kids To Participate In The Decoration Process

Print some extra sticker sheets and let the kids make their own festive creations. What can be more entertaining than making their own Thanksgiving decoration crafts? You can give them suggestions, such as to gather a few dead branches and put them in a jar, write what they’re thankful for on the labels and then stick them to branches. You can even declare this project as the most creative and make it the centerpiece of their table.


So simple and so much fun. Download our printables and have a lot of family fun for Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving stickers

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