Stop Dying Your Easter Eggs The Boring Way & Use Rice!

There are many traditions for every holiday that we celebrate, and Easter’s is the fun activity of dying eggs. The most ordinary process is by buying the Paas egg dying kits and using the small pellets dropped in some vinegar. Whenever I smell vinegar to this day is reminds me of hours spent at my grandma’s kitchen table dying eggs! Other than painting by hand, I really had no idea there were other ways to dye eggs. Apparently, you can use rice as well! This video shows you exactly how to use white rice, food coloring and a few containers with lids to creatively dye your eggs. If you want to try something new this year, then check out this video!

Ok, now when I use my boring egg dying kit I won’t be able to help but wish I tried this instead! It’s such a simple idea, and you probably have all the supplies you already need to do this at home. Have you tried alternative ways to dying Easter eggs? We would love to hear them in our comments below!

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