The Best Ideas For Styling Your Entryway

Your entryway is the first impression of your home. No matter who comes in, they’ll judge the beauty of your home by what they see first. On the other hand, you have your family who has to walk through that same entryway every day. In this respect, it’s important to make your entryway more stylish because both your guests and your family members will benefit from it. The guests will get to visit a beautiful home while your family will get to enjoy the superior style each and every day.

Let your creative juices flow and don’t be afraid of any ideas that come to your mind. Here are a few to start off your brainstorm session.

1. Add a nice plant

Houseplants can generally do wonders for your home. The same can be said about houseplants and your entryway. If you pick the right plant, you’ll give your entryway a warm and welcoming feel that your guests will love. As well as that, there will be a lot of oxygen in the room, so you’ll feel fresh and get a quick energy boost as soon as you come home.

If you have awkward spaces you can’t fill anything with in your entryway, you can always fill them with plants. Whether they’re tall or short, stubby or slim, they’re bound to fit in the room perfectly. You can go for a neutral green if you want to keep things smooth and elegant or for colourful plants if you want a more creative vibe.

2. Create a pattern

When you play with the colours correctly, your walls can speak volumes. Creating a pattern with paint or tiles can make your entryway look amazing. Of course, you’ll need to make sure you’re combining the colours in the right way so as to achieve maximum effect and really up the wow factor. You can do this by picking a base colour like white or beige, then picking an accentual colour. The accentual colour should be visible through the décor in the room.

So, if your base colour is beige, your accentual colour can be red. In this case, you’d pick a red coat hanger, a red chair or seating bench, and maybe even paint the front door red. You can also choose more than one accentual colour, but that might make the entryway overwhelming. The ideal balance of playing with colours is to add just enough pizazz to make it look like you did it on purpose, not that you made a mistake.

3. Focus on the doors

We tend to forget about the doors of any room way too often. In truth, they’re part of the room as much as every other object is. The way you style them can completely change the ambience and improve the overall look of the entryway. When it comes to your front door, you can always repaint it to match the rest of the entryway. As well as that, put a personal touch on it and leave a permanent stamp on your home. You can ask your kids to help you with this and turn it into a fun family project.

When it comes to the doors leading to the other rooms, they should be styled as well. What this primarily means is that you’ll need to fix all the imperfections on the doors. You could repaint them as well. Choosing one colour for all of them means you’ll create a unifying effect and tie the room together. If there are any gaps between the floor and the doors, consider turning to companies like Access Hardware for help. Door seals aren’t that expensive, yet they make a huge difference. The room looks more sophisticated and elegant without you having to replace the doors entirely and waste valuable resources and time.

4. Add a blackboard

A blackboard on the wall is the perfection entryway addition for a big or busy family. As well as giving your entryway some style and a unique look, the blackboard can help you keep track of everything you need to do. You can easily write your weekly schedule on it. This way, it will be much easier to actually do what you have to do. The kids will be less forgetful as they’ll always have a reminder right before they leave the house and you’ll be able to organize yourselves much more easily.

There will also be less room for miscommunication about who was supposed to do what. As well as the organizational part of the equation, you can also use the blackboard to leave your family-friendly and motivational notes to help them have a better day.


As you can see, styling up your entryway can be both fun and exciting. Think of this as a challenge instead of an obligation and you’re bound to have a good time doing it. The entryway of your dreams is only a few modifications away. Style comes with beauty, creativity, and originality. Sprinkle a little bit of each all of your home, and especially in your entryway, and you’ll get exactly what you were looking for.

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